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How To Defeat Stress At Work

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With work being so massive part of our, almost, everyday lives no wonder that we spend so much time talking about business. Just like in life, there are things at work that you simply just can’t control.

Computer system goes down, your boss wants you to multitask all the time, you don’t get enough support from your colleagues, someone breaks your favorite coffee mug… These are all things that are real and that can affect your productivity and your working day, overall.

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Therefore, most people would agree that their job gives them a lot of stress. That being said, you should know that a stressful working environment is not something that you need to be in peace with. You can change how you react to things and help yourself beat stress and have less stressful days at work. Here are 5 clear ways on how you can beat stress at work.

1. Always Look For The Bigger Picture

Think about your daily work obligations as a small piece of a bigger picture. Everything you do is to a small step that will help build the bigger picture for yourself and the company. Therefore, you will be able to find joy in even the smallest and most boring tasks. Moreover, you will start seeing tasks from your boss as guidelines on how to do something faster and for the companies progress.

If you are ready to take on the control over your life, you approach your boss and ask him or her what are the expected results. Be clear, think well, and make a plan on how you can add value to your department. Don’t let the tasks put you down, but prioritize and do one task at a time.

2. Take A Break

Yes, the main goal of the working hours is to work and deliver results, However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a break from time to time. While you prioritize, you can make an additional plan, that after each milestone you hit, you reward yourself with a break. Take that time to restart, to freshen up or simply to have casual chat with a colleague or simply stretch.

With today’s sitting trend it’s important to be active as much as possible. When possible, switch the elevator for the stairs. Getting a breath of fresh air will help you to cool off your feelings, anger, irritation, and even stress.

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3.De-stress The Right Way

Don’t use the wrong practice to de-stress. That being said, don’t use smoke, food or even caffeine to relax. Opposite to common beliefs, but nicotine – for example, leads to higher and never lower levels of anxiety. Also, coffee contains caffeine which can raise levels of the stress hormone named cortisol.

Coffee also has a mild addictive effect. So, if you want to relax your mind while you are at work, drink less coffee. The best time to drink coffee is between 9 and 11, and it won’t affect your sleep. Stress can also make you reach often for snacks that are high in sugar, so try to stock up your desk with healthy alternatives, such as:

  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Small packets of nuts and dried fruits like raisins

Also, drink a lot of water. Place the big bottle of water on your desk and tell yourself that you have to drink it before the shift ends. Increase participation in healthy activities.

4. Ask For Help

There is nothing wrong with talking with someone when you are bothered with something. Make sure that you talk about your problems, worries, and stressful situation. After all, if you are keeping everything to yourself you will eventually make more harm than good. Talk to someone you trust and get another perspective on things.

Once you speak up you will be more eager to re-focus and plan your next steps. And you never know, maybe a colleague of yours goes through the same so you support each other on a daily base.

5. Don’t Be A Hero

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You are paid to do one job and you should do as best as you can. Often, there is much more that you can do, but before you line up to think – Should you do it? If you over-commit you will burn-out. Simply said, with more projects, you will have more tight deadlines and you won’t be able to achieve them.

Eventually, you will lose credibility at work and you will stress yourself unnecessarily. It feels great to be needed and to push the limits but sometimes less is more. Lees is even better. Try to delegate or share responsibility. People will be more than happy to assist you, especially if you offer them something that they are genuinely interested in.

The most important thing that you have to remember is that you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. After all, most of our stress is self-imposed.

Moreover, 90% of the things that worry about actually don’t happen. That being said, you should think about stress as something that maybe will happen and find ways to avoid it or work around it. Plan your day, have small goals, exercise, drink plenty of water and have often breaks.

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