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9 Supermarket Goods That Will Eat Your Money

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Budgeting is everything nowadays. If you’re passionate about savings and against impulsive buying you need to learn how to budget. Truth be told, you don’t have to buy everything that you see on commercials and social media. You don’t need it, simple as that.

However, if you are always struggling with grocery shopping and you always spend more than you planned than you need to do one thing that will save your life and your finance. You need to make a grocery list and you need to stick to it. Every. Single. Time. You. Go. Shopping.

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Make A Shopping List

Making a list and sticking to it is an easy way to stay within your food budget. But, occasionally – out of the best intention, you will put on that list something that you shouldn’t. Read on and discover 9 supermarket good that will make you spend more than planned, even if they come with massive discounts and a grocery store loyalty card.

1. Baked Goods

It is difficult to walk away from that seductive smell of baked goods, especially if they come with raisins or dry fruit. Don’t let the smell fool you, as you will pay a minimum $5 or more (probably more!) for a loaf of breed filled with corn syrup, high-fructose, hydrogenated oil, and preservatives. If you love baked goods, just bake them.

2. Bottled Water

Unless you’re living in an area where it’s forbidden to drink bottled water, don’t buy bottled water. An average person needs a minimum of 2l per day, and one bottle of 1l can cost you $4 – so, you do the math. Go for the tap water. You can always add some natural water purifier.

3. Shredded Cheese

Cheese lovers, we got you! Having on hand-shredded cheese is a great thing. You can make a sandwich in literally 10 seconds, or even have a fast snack next to your favorite wine. But, just think – have you ever saw a recipe where shredded cheese is ‘a must’? Probably not, because it’s expected for you just to cut it or shred manually. Moreover, you will pay double the price for shredded cheese than for non-shredded.

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4. Name-Brand Coffee

OK, this may come as a shock, but coffee is coffee. The majority of coffee brands uses the same coffee beans mix. The only difference lies in how much Arabica they use, or not. Arabica beans are what makes that coffeehouse taste, so you can make your coffee. Grind your Arabica, use a regular brewer and have fresh coffee every morning. This way, 1 kg of coffee can last for months. And you can make it to-go. In your reusable cup.

5. Energy Bars

There are so many mysteries in this world, but the amount of sugar in energy bars is not one of them. For some reason, people believe that energy bars are a healthier alternative to a candy bar, but that’s just not the case. For example, a Snickers bar has 27 grams of sugar and 250 calories. Instead, buy almonds, dried fruit, nuts, and even dark chocolate and make your mix. Homemade bars are cheaper, better, healthier and last longer.

6. Salad Dressing

A healthy salad with vinegar and olive oil is a healthy meal. On the other hand, a full bowl of salad with any of commercial salad dressing is just… well, a sugar that you will pay a lot for. Less is not always more. Your cheap salad dressing may cost just a few bucks now, but it will cost you your health in the long run. So, make your dressing, it’s cheap, healthier and fresh.

7. Pet Food

If you are a pet owner you know that you have to set aside few extra bucks for your pet food, especially if you are having a dog. That being said, make sure that you plan pet food shopping separately and buy their food in pet stores. You will get the premium food for the same cost and your pet will be healthier, while your wallet remains happier.

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8. Spices

A little bit of this and a little bit of that and you will have a basket full of spices that you will use how often? And yes, your wallet will be significantly thinner. So, switch from Target and seasoning shopping to Whole Foods and other spices-oriented stores and buys spices in bulk. The chances are that you need just a pinch or two, and you should buy only the amount that you need. Saves money and kitchen space.

9. Checkout Decoy

So, you had your list with you, you crossed out every little thing that you bought and you stayed within the budget lines. Bravo for you! But you are still in the store, don’t forget. Don’t blow it on the checkout point and don’t buy that gum, candy, or small chocolate. These checkout points are built to bring millions to supermarkets. Don’t fall into that trap.

So, don’t forget your game plan: make a shopping list, set the budget, scratch out what you have bought and ignore the colorful stuff on the checkout points. Happy shopping!

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