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7 Things Truly Wealthy People Never Do

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You have just paid for your rent, bought everything your family needs in the grocery store, and now you also have to spend money for a family summer vacation. Does it feel like your bank account is drowning? In these situations, you might be wondering what have you been doing wrong in order to feel like you’re always making ends meet and can’t seem to relax not even for a month or two.

It might be that your small habits you don’t even pay attention to are actually making you break the bank each month. In fact, it was found that truly wealthy people never do certain things that might seem completely normal to us. Could it be that the key to their success lays not only in their career choices and quality of work, but also in the way they live and think? Probably yes.

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A podcaster, and a seven-figure entrepreneur Andrew Ferebee stumbled upon a question posted on Quora “What does the 1 percent do with their time compared to the 99 percent?”. He answered and revealed what he discovered after interviewing more than 400 experts. The 90% of those experts were in the 1% of the richest world’s population. He concluded that while all of them had different habits, they still had something in common: the things they never did.

So, today we’re telling you more about things millionaires never spend their time on:

1. Watching TV for more than 60 minutes

An average American spends 5 hours on watching TV on a daily basis. When you multiply that by the 365 days, that makes 77 days a year. Imagine what you could do with an extra 77 days in an entire year.

Of course, watching television to relax a bit and follow your favorite TV series after a long day of work is completely fine. But you can’t expect to become successful and therefore rich, if you let yourself spend more than an hour on watching TV.

2. Drinking Excessively

Although successful people definitely know how to party and often enjoy expensive liquors, they still don’t waste their money on drinking on a regular basis.

Truly wealthy people almost never drink on a daily or even weekly basis. However, there are times when even millionaires like to relax and have fun.

You might think that there are other successful people whose lifestyle includes having occasional or even regular drinks, and you are completely right. But, these people are successful in spite of this behavior, not because of it. Most millionaires rarely spend their time in drinking.

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3. Compulsive Buying

Wealthy, successful people won’t spend their money on buying products and things that they don’t need. Their homes are never full of tons of products from Walmart or other similar shops.

Instead, they spend their money on making themselves better. They focus on ways to improve their business, to grow personally or spend money on their passions.

All in all, they value experiences more than things.

4. Consuming Processed Foods

Another thing that almost no wealthy man would do is eat unhealthily and excessively. You’ll never see a millionaire overeating and consuming unhealthy, processed foods.

What you eat influences your mindset and your energy levels. So if you eat clean foods you will not only look younger, but you will feel better. As a result, your brain will be able to function at optimal levels which will inevitably show in your business and in your life overall.

5. Blaming Others

Successful people will never blame other people for their own failures. So, if you’re trying to become more wealthy and want to be closer to the 1 percent, then focus on how you can improve your life regardless of circumstances you might be complaining about.

There are plenty of people whose life was even worse than yours and they still managed to become successful and achieve a life of their dreams. Take responsibility of your own choices, and your life will likely improve.

6. Gossiping

Wealthy people never spend their time talking about other people. It’s time-consuming, and it’s draining your mental energy on things that don’t matter. Besides, it is a very bad habit too.

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You will never meet a successful person that gossips. They prefer to focus on themselves rather than waste their time on commenting on other people’s lives.

7. Worrying About Other People’s Opinions

Not caring about other people’s opinions might be the most fundamental characteristic of wealthy, successful people. This is not because they are heartless, but they simply don’t let their family, friends or society affect their decisions.

What they know is that only you can really know what makes you happy and the way you would like your life to be. This is what also makes their lives so exciting. They get to truly live, because they pursue what means most to them, instead of listening to what people think of their life choices.

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