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5 Tips to Get the Next Plane Out When Your Flight Is Cancelled

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Whether you travel a lot for work, or you simply use plane in order to visit your relatives, there’s a chance your flight might get cancelled. Sometimes the reason behind it might simply be a bad storm, and sometimes it can be a problematic plane. Having your flight cancelled is not the best thing that can happen to you. Especially if you have to reach your destination right on time.

Therefore, you should know what are your rights in case your flight gets cancelled and how you can make sure you will catch the next flight in order to make it to your final destination as soon as possible.

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Here’s are some things you can do in order to be the first in queue for the next flight.

1. Show Up On Time

If the airline sends you a message that your flight has been delayed by an hour for a mechanical issue, don’t ever come one hour later than you initially planned. If the repair job takes less time than expected, the plane might take off as soon as the problem is fixed and leave out all passengers that weren’t in the gate area.

2. Get In Touch With The Airline

If your flight has been canceled or even delayed, getting in touch with the airline of your flight will be the first thing you’d do. As you contact the airline, make sure you also stand in line at the same time. You could also browse the airline website and see if they have online support available.

In some cases, tweeting about your problem might also do the trick. A lot of airline PR’s pay attention to what’s going on on the social media. They are doing their best to provide their customers with best service and make sure their airline’s reputation is not compromised.

3. Juggle Airports

If your flight is cancelled and you have to get to your destination ASAP, juggling airports might be a good solution. You can either check with your airline if you can take off faster from another airport in your city, rather than waiting for a new one that will be packed with passengers waiting from the cancelled flight.

On the other hand, you can also check if you can fly to another city that also has flight connections to your original destination. It has worked for many to fly like this without an additional charge.

4. Use Your Miles

If you collect miles as an elite miles member, you could probably use them in this situation too. First, call your airline, and ask how you can get on the next available flight. Whether you think you can amass elite status or not, you should join miles membership anyway. It will definitely bring you some privileges and advantages in this kind of situations.

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5. Know Your Passenger Rights and Check If You’re Eligible For A Compensation

You should know your passenger right and claim them when possible. Because of the frequency flights are getting cancelled across the world, companies have came up with the ways to help you check if you’re eligible for a compensation for your cancelled flight or not.

If you are, these online platforms will help you claim your refund. Google the names of some of these companies, and always have them by your hand. Especially if you’re a frequent traveler. The compensation might not get you on the next plane, but it could definitely compensate for some of your wasted time.

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