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Tips To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

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Work is not something that many look forward to, despite the paycheck they receive at the end of their pay period. As a person who has worked under many bosses, I can speak from experience that lower level employees often feel unappreciated.

But if you are an employer looking to boost office or work morale, there are a couple of things you can do to show your appreciation:

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1. Throw a Post-holiday Party

Holiday parties often go unmatched till the next time the season rolls around. Go off the normal path and throw a post-holiday party. No one ever expects to arrive to a party after a winter break away from work, so surprise your employees with a party that the entire office is invited to.

Add a little more to the experience by setting out a couple of snacks and getting everyone small gifts. (Be sure to take into account possible allergies workers may have). According to expert John Ruhlin, CEO of Ruhlin Group, believes gift giving shows more appreciation when done after the holidays. “Instead, wait until an unexpected time to give something memorable.”

Websites like Rave Review divide gifts into what would be best for a given category. If your employees are of legal drinking age, a top-shelf tequila or something on the level would be a welcome gift for the winter weather.

2. Take Time to Play in The Snow

If you have ever played in the snow as a kid, you know how amazing the adventures of an imaginative mind can get. For children of the younger generation, a snowy environment is just a chilly playground. As an adult, we might consider the snow more of a nuisance, congesting traffic and making us colder than we wanted to be.

Bring that child’s spirit and enthusiasm back by sending out the team to ‘get back to basics.’ Every adult who played in the snow as a kid would jump at the chance to get back in it.

There’s also no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Inform the team through text message, if possible, to be prepared to go out into the snow. Don’t concern yourself with the looks from work at other nearby offices, they’re probably just envious you get to play in the snow. Build snowmen, drink hot cocoa, and send yourself and everyone home early to recover.

3. Support Their New Year’s Resolutions

Making a New Year’s Resolution seems to be more common that following through on them. Take into account, though, that many resolutions can boost a person’s work performance.

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According to scientific research, a regular exercise regimen can not only prevent illness but increase alertness and improve productivity. Affordable gym memberships can be purchased to help your employees meet their exercise goals and meet or exceed company goals.

As for resolutions related to the job, cover your employees’ continued education if they work in development teams. If production already meets expectation and there is free time, allow employees the time to take online courses related to their company position.

4. Feed Them

“Bring in donuts or have a pizza party at lunch on the company dime. People… like to be fed,” says Tyler Butler, founder, and principal of 11Eleven Consulting.

One way many employers can show their appreciation is to purchase an employee’s food during their lunch break. It is especially easy to feed the team if you are already having an office-wide party.

If you have the chance, survey your employees and see what foods the group would like as a whole. Change it up and pay for a group lunch every Friday before work lets out for the weekend.

5. Create Platonic Valentine’s Cards

Cards can be a great gift that often goes unnoticed by people shopping through the aisles of a store. For Valentine’s Day, spend a few hours writing up some ‘appreciation cards’ to pass out to people on a special day. A simple “I appreciate you” would suffice.

If you’re part of a creative team, you can turn making cards into a group activity and then trade upon completing them.

Just an hour a day can be used to show your employees appreciation for the efforts. You’ll start to see a noticeable improvement in productivity.

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