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What Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Spend Their Super Bowl Money On

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are the ultimate power couple. After years of being together, they seem like high school sweethearts. They are like a movie plot – Gisele, the popular girl, falls in love with Tom, the handsome jock. The only difference is in the amount of money that these two have compared to movie high school kids.

It’s not fair to say that these two have money – it just doesn’t describe it right, because they are super rich! Tom Brady is stacking on the Super Bowl rings while Gisele remains to be one of the highest-paid models in the world. Everyone knows that Tom did a fantastic job with his 2021 Super Bowl victory. Now, fans across the globe want to know just how Tom and Gisele will spend their hard-earned money. They do spend, but they don’t spend the way most celebrities do, and you are about to discover why. Here are the ins and outs of the Brady family’s lavish lifestyle, real estate empire, and a load of other unexpected expenses.

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25. Tom’s 2021 Super Bowl Success

On the 7th February 2021, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl for the second time in their history. They got their second victory thanks to Tom Brady, who is paid handsomely for playing well.

Just this year, his salary was salary around $25 million, and thats the salary for one year. Tom spent his entire sporting career with New England Patriots but left their ranks last March. His new, and current team welcomed him with a $2 million pay increase. Here is why his salary went up.

24. One Of The Greatest Quarterbacks Ever

Football professionals are paid big time! Since Tom is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of football, it comes as no surprise that Tom is paid big $25 million per year.

His game is so spectacular that it anded him five MVP awards throughout his twenty-year career as an athlete. Did you know that Tom is 43-years-old now? This makes him the oldest Super Bowl MVP and starting quarterback at a Super Bowl in history. Here is how many Super Bowl rings he owns.

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23. Tom Brady’s Hand

Tom Brady is a serious name in American football. He is so well-known and so irreplaceable that he holds not one, but seven super bowl rings. So far, he is the quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings.

In fact, he holds the first most number of rings out of any player, coach, or executive in the history of the NFL. Still, his most beloved ring is the one that marks his marriage with his wife Gisele. Here is how these two met.

22. Gisele And Tom

Gisele Bundchen is primarily a famous Brazilian model, who ruled the modeling world for some time. She rose to international fame in the 90s, during her teen years.

She was also one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret models for years. Gisele was one of the top five highest-paid models back then. Today she is retired from the modeling world, but in 2020 that didn’t stop her from being the single highest-paid model in the world. The question is – how Gisele and her husband, Tom spend all of their cash on?

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21. Happily Ever After

Tom and Gisele met in now far 2006. They both claim that it was love at first sight, although Brady was in a relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan when he first met Gisele. The two met through a mutual friend.

Soon afterward, Tom broke up with his then-girlfriend and the two started dating. The following year, Brady learned that he is going to be a dad, but not with Gisele. Brady got a son with his ex-girlfriend, but Gisele and he remained together. Today, they have been married for almost 12 years and they have a son and daughter together. Here is how they spend their family money.

20. Having Millions

At the moment, Tom Brady is one of the best football players in the NFL. Being the best in NFL means that you are paid an enormous amount of money to keep a certain game level. Plus, the best players must be paid the ‘the best’ so the team can keep them.

In 2018, he was earning $15 million per season, only to jump to $23 million the following year. However, in 2020 he negotiated his best deal ever. He earned $27.5 million for his last season. Here is how he spends his millions on a yearly level.

19. Spending Millions

It’s no secret that people with money live in huge homes. Moreover, they tend to live in millions of dollars worth of homes. This specific mansion was only $11 million when the famous couple moved in, back in 2008.

In 2019, they decided to sell it and priced it at $40 million. Rumor has it, Dr. Dre took a serious look at it and even made his offer. The deal had been sealed recently, and Dr. Dere is now neighbors with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

18. Gisele’s Chicken Farm

Usually, celebrities choose to focus on developing more mainstream businesses, such as perfume lines, clothing lines, and so on. However, Tom and Gisele are far from these ideas.

They are more into the chicken business. They have an at-home barn filled with chickens. They even threw in a mote. Are these the luckiest chicken alive or what?

17. Brady’s Contract with Aston Martin

One of Tom’s most exciting endorsement deals was with Aston Martin. The luxury car brand created a line of limited edition, Tom Brady models that would sell for around $360,000 each.

Only 12 of these cars were created. As expected, presenting so big brand comes with a handsome figure. So what else has Tom being doing with his extra money?

16. Checking Out an $11.5 Million Manhattan Duplex

When the Brady family decided to sell their LA mansion they started searching for their new perfect home. Yes, they are used to having a lot of outdoor space, but they also need a home in New York.

As you may know already, finding a great home in Manhattan can be difficult. Luckily, when you have millions on your bank account, the searching process is easier. Paparazzi spotted them checking out an $11.5 million duplex. So, did they moved in?

15. Settling for an $11.7 Million Condo

Yes, they decided to spend $11 million on a Manhattan apartment. To be exact, $11.7 million. Their new place is in a skyscraper with an incredible view and boasts of five bedrooms and a 1,900-square-foot terrace.

The best thing about this place is the light. The entire condo has massive windows throughout the whole thing. Should they worry about their privacy? They are so high that no one can see inside their new home. They love it so much they couldn’t sell it. However, they do rent it. Here is how much it would cost you.

14. You Can Rent Tom and Gisele’s Madison Apartment

Tom and Gisele love their Manhattan place. In fact, they love it so much that they so far they haven’t sold it. However, they do rent it. You can rent in monthly for about $45,000.

That’s right, you just need the average American’s yearly salary to rent this luxurious space for a month. The rent is managed by The Coleman Real Estate Group. On their website, it says that “Everything down to the cutlery and new linens is included in this rental offering.” Basically, you get to use everything that Tom and Gisele used.

13. The Brady Family Goes Big With a $20 Million Apartment

Tom and Gisele realized fast that Manhattan’s lifestyle isn’t for them. Moreover, they realized that they need a bigger and better place. So, they invested $20 million in an apartment in Tribeca.

The monster of an apartment is, of course, waterfront. It was one of the most wanted apartments on the market and they sealed the deal. From the outside, it looks just like a massive apartment, while inside it’s a real piece of art.

12. They Have A Private Yoga Instructor

Gisele proved herself to be a master of yoga on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. You don’t want to challenge her with yoga unless you are a real yoga pro. Thanks to private yoga instructors Gisele manages to remain in great shape.

Gisele hires yoga instructors wherever they are. They usually have classes in their own home, either in NY or LA. Apparently, Tom chooses frequently to join Gisele’s yoga classes.

11. Personal Boxing Trainer

Gisele is very serious when it comes to working out. In her earlier years, her body image was directly related to her income. So, taking care of her body seems like a logical need. However, now when she is not an active supermodel anymore, she still enjoys an active lifestyle. Now she trains to stay fit and healthy.

One way she stays in shape is by kickboxing. She meets a personal boxing trainer regularly. You can witness some of her skills on her Instagram.

10. Personal Chef

Gisele and her husband Tom Brady are not only passionate about fitness but food as well. After all, what more can you expect from a world-famous athlete and a model? Having a personal chef, of course.

Brady children are also on a strict diet. They can only eat helahty food and 80% of their children’s food is vegetable-based. Do children enjoy vegetables as much as adults do? Maybe they do. After all, everything tastes better when it comes from a hand of a personal chef.

9. Basketball On The Yacht

The Brady couple doesn’t own a yacht, but they do love playing basketball on one. One of Tom and Gisele’s lavish vacations involved a giant yacht. Just imagine how big a yacht should be to have enough space to play basketball on it.

The crew honored Tom Brady by placing a basketball hoop that read Patriots on it a few years back. What a team Tom and Gisele must be, right?

8. Tom Brady Has a Body Coach

As we saw before Tom and Gisele are passionate abotu a helahty lifestyle. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he has a personal body coach. Not only that they have private sessions, but you can see them together in public frequently.

The reason for this is simple – Tom takes body coach and health guru Alex Guerrero with him everywhere, including his games. Guerrero and Tom workout at least once per day.

7. Box Seats at Brazil Carnival Festival

Gisele is Brazil-born and seems only fitting that she visits her home country from time to time. As a Brazilian, it’s logical that she visits her homeland at least once during the Brazil Carnival Festival.

Brazil Carnival Festival is the party of the year and Gisele and Tom never miss it. They sit in box seats with her football-playing friend and lovely sisters. Having a box seat costs a lot and tickets are limited.

6. Exclusive World Cup Tickets

This power couple loves to spend money on things that really matter to them. Therefore, next to nice apartments, and personal trainers, they love to do invest in things that nurture their souls as well. Both Tom and Gisele are huge fans of the World Cup.

They are so big fans that in the World Cup games of 2019, Tom, Gisele, and the kids sat as close to the field as possible to cheer on Gisele’s favorite team, Brazil. As you may not already, World Cup tickets aren’t cheap, and sitting close to the soccer field can cost even higher, up to $900 per ticket.

5. Tom Brady Owns A Private Jet

They may invest in their bodies and mind, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t spend money on something luxurious. In 2008, Gisele bought a $50 million Gulfstream G550 private jet.

The main purpose of this purchase was for the two to share to fly them between their home in Los Angeles and Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. That’s right, there are no more commercial flying for this power couple. So far, this is their most expensive purchase.

4. Tom Brady Shaved His Head and Raised $6 Million for Cancer

It seems that they do their best to find a balance between their needs and other people’s well-being. Tom and Gisele are much more than merely being sweet parents. They are also passionate about returning to the community.

You probably remember that period when he had longer hair, right? He shaved it to help raise money for cancer research in March of 2018. After he did that, people around the world donated collectively to the sum of $6.5 million. He also donates regularly.

3. Traveling to China the Brady Way

Tom and Gisele work hard all year round, so when they have few days to rest, they rest big time. Tom, Gisele, and the kids all flew out to tour China.

They did the regular tourist things and then helped Tom get his wish – to throw a football from the Great Wall of China. The family that does great things together, stays together. Tom and Gisele prove this theory.

2. Gisele’s Superstitious Rituals Before Tom’s Games

Gisele is a wonderful person, a beautiful woman, and an extremely superstitious person. She has a ritual that she performs whenever Tom plays. She makes an altar covered in pictures of their children at his games to put “positive energy” into the earth and help him win his games.

She also believes in the energy of positive thinking, and believe that good thing coem to those who have the strength to push forward them. nice Gisele told Tom “you’re lucky you married a witch. I’m just a good witch.” But alters are not the only thing she has Tom involved with.

1. Gisele Is a Witch, but a Good Witch

Gisele has a few “witchy” demands for Tom that she believes increases his chances of success. She makes him wear them, as they serve as healing and protection stones before and after his games.

“And I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones, and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras,” Brady explained. “I stopped questioning her a long time ago. I just shut up and listen.” These days, Tom’s a believer and just listens to what she says.

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