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Traveling With Credit Cards Tips – How To Manage Your Finances While Abroad

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Travelling is an exciting and daring adventure. While it is on many people’s bucket lists, not everyone gets a chance to travel in their lifetimes. One of the reasons why is usually financial constraints.

With the improved technology and infrastructure, however, the world has become a global village with more people traversing the globe. One of the ways people carry their cash when traveling is through credit cards.

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Here are some useful tips to consider when traveling with credit cards.


Carry More Than One Credit Card

The allure of swiping a credit card to purchase things while traveling is rife. This is truly the easiest way to go broke when traveling.

So the very first thing one should do is budget for the trip accordingly. One way that having multiple credit cards helps is that you can allocate different responsibilities to different cards.

For example, one could cater for food while another caters for shopping.

Another benefit of having multiple credit cards is that it prepares you for any unforeseeable credit card accident or incident. For example, it could be stolen or lost.

If any of these happens, it is critical to have a back up on stand-by.

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While traveling to a new place, the card also stands a chance to get declined depending on the laws in the place, so it’s important to have other cards just in case this happens.

It is also important to do your research before traveling and seeing what cards are acceptable in your destination.


Carry Universally Acceptable Credit Cards

One key thing to note when traveling is that not all credit cards have the same acceptability worldwide. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted worldwide and are the most advisable to carry with you on a trip.

American Express is not widely accepted in other parts of the world and it might get a bit harder to get around with. Discover is the least acceptable credit card internationally.


Alert Your Bank Of The Impending Trip

It may seem useless to alert your credit card providers of your upcoming trip. Contrary to that, however, is that it is more than important to do before traveling.

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This is because using your card from another country or content will alert them to possible fraudulent activity thinking someone else is impersonating you.

This could get your card frozen while you are in another country.

Having no money while away from your home country is one of the scariest things that can happen to anyone. And the process of getting it reactivated could be time-consuming.


Secret Travel Perks

Some credit cards, especially those designed for travel, offer protections for delayed flights, lost luggage, trip cancellation, accident insurance and more. Many cards include access to the Priority Pass network.

Priority Pass lounges are plentiful overseas and can be a welcome respite during a long international journey. Many offer complimentary drinks, refreshments, and food, and some even offer pre-flight spa treatments. 

So, it’s important to research each card you have, get a list of its travel benefits and figure out which will give you the most for your travel dollar. You never know, you could get a free night’s stay at a hotel. Book with the right card and enjoy peace of mind.


Online Copy

Before traveling, it is essential to ensure you are signed up for online banking for your credit cards. This way you can keep up with all the activities the card is used for.

These include purchases and check-ins.

You are better able to track your spending. In the same breathe, scan all your cards and important documents and store them in an online cloud.

This serves as a security measure in case anything unfortunate happens to the physical documents.

Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

Most credit cards charge a typical rate of 3% fee on every purchase you make outside the U.S. That’s an extra $30 on a $1,000 trip.

Bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, and save yourself the expense.



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