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30 Uber And Lyft Driver Secrets That Most Passengers Probably Don’t Know

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You can be hooked on Uber or Lyft and use it every day. It is simple, fast, and safe. Did you know that around 95 million people used the famous Uber in 2018? If you ever missed on Uber, you have probably used Lyft, the main Uber competitor.

The bottom line, you probably know how it’s to be a passenger in these unusual and modern taxis. However, do you know how it feels to be the one behind the wheel? It turns out that Lyft and Under drivers have a lot to say about their experiences. These are 30 of drivers most shocking, moments, thoughts, secrets, and tips.

30. Post-Ride Rating Matters

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After your Uber or Lyft ride, you have a chance to rate and share your experience with the driver. Post-ride rating matters a lot to drivers. It’s common for both companies to fire drivers if their ratings are bellow 4.5 or 4.6.

This doesn’t mean that you should lie. So, if you had a lovely experience, spare 3 seconds to rate, it could be a lifesaver.

29. Drivers Need Better Small Talk

You slide into the backseat and … what’s next? A typical small talk seems appropriate with questions such as, ‘Is this your only job? How long have you been doing this?’ and so on. You may think that this is a common currency, but it turns out that drivers have different views.

Drivers want better questions, more interesting small talk. Imagine being asked a hundred times a day, ‘Is this your only job?’ So, to make everyone’s life easier, either skip the questions or step up your small talk game.

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28. You Can’t Leave The Vehicle As You Like

You need for Uber or Lyft to get you from point A to point B. From A to B. It doesn’t get simpler than that. So, if you’re stuck in traffic or you are close enough to walk, and you want to get out of the vehicle, don’t.

Drivers hate when passengers exit suddenly, especially with other cars around. If you want out, ask the driver to pull over so that you can exit safely.

27. Extra Stops Are Not Desirable

Uber or Lyft drivers are here to get you from point A to point B. They are not your personal chauffeurs, at least not according to drivers. Many drivers complain about requests for multiple stops.

If you want food, drinks, cigarettes, or anything else, your best option is to hire one ride to take you to the shop, then hire another one to take you home, and so on. Still, you can convince some rideshare drivers to stop for the things you need.

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26. Cash Tips Go A Long Way

A cash tip can get you a long way with your Uber or Lyft driver. Everyone loves when their work is appreciated. Moreover, everyone loves making extra money.

In that case, your driver might even be willing to make extra stops and rate you correctly. So, if you tip in cash instead of through the app, your driver will almost always give you five stars.

25. Share Ride

Ride-sharing is all about sharing, obviously. So, share your ride as much as possible. Have a carpool to save your money and meet new people. Drivers don’t care in general if they have only one passenger or many.

Actually, drivers are paid for the miles they travel, not for the additional passengers. Drivers earn the most when they have separate rides, so feel free to share.

24. Don’t Use The App To Order A Ride For Someone Else

Drivers prefer to know who is stepping into their car. So, if you order a ride for someone else, and they are expecting you, it can be awkward.

Drivers report that this happens frequently, and they are not fond of that. Unexpected passengers can provoke discomfort in drivers and make the ride unpleasant.

23. Kids Can’t Ride Without A Car Seat

Drivers are responsible for their passenger’s security, and they are well-aware of it. That being said, drivers prefer to follow car security regulations.

If you want to bring a kid in, make sure that you have a car seat with you. Otherwise, you won’t get a ride. Drivers are not willing to go to jail for a few dollars.

22. Think About Sitting In The Front Seat

When the car is packed, you have no choice but sitting in the front. In any other case, drivers prefer if you could sit in the back. When you sit in the back, they can see you.

Bear in mind that they interact with strangers all day, so it’s safer for them if you could place yourself in the back seat. If you prefer to sit in front, just ask first if it’s ok.

21. Drivers Gossip About You

You may gossip about drivers, or leave frequent reviews to share how amazing, or not, the ride was. So, who says that drivers can’t do the same?

Both Uber and Lyft drivers and the entire staff have online groups or chats, where they share their worst rides and nightmare customers. If you ever did something unusual, be sure that they are gossiping about you.

20. No spoilers!

Perhaps you are riding with your best friends, and you are sharing the thoughts on favorite TV series finale or the newest blockbuster. Don’t forget that there is another person as well.

It would be wise to leave any spoiler-related conversations for another place. Your Lyft or Uber driver may not have seen the show yet. So, don’t be the person that spoils everything.

19. Your Rideshare Is Not Your Private Ambulance

The truth is that healthcare in the States is expensive. Moreover, just a ride to the hospital can cost your fortune. So, some people try to use Uber or Lyft to get them to the hospital for a much lower price.

However, drivers won’t do this. They may pick you up is your symptoms are not severe.

18. Your Uber Driver Shouldn’t Have A Side Hustle

Your Uber or Lyft driver should be 100% committed to the job. That means no side hustle while driving you. Naturally, outside of the car, your Lyft or Uber driver can pursue any career, but once the behind the wheel, all sales should cease.

Moreover, the company is very strict about it. If you notice drivers side hustle and you inform the company about it, the driver can get in serious trouble.

17. Drivers Are Not Lidless Cups Lovers

Drivers usually won’t mind if you have a food or drink with you. Actually, some might even offer complimentary bottles of water for you to sip. However, if you step in with lidless cups, you won’t be welcomed friendly.

Many drivers draw the line at open containers. If a disaster occurs, it can be unpleasant for both sides.

16. Drivers Have GPS – Don’t Direct Them

A great thing about ride-sharing apps is that you plug in your start and end destination, and a map leads the driver.

So, no need to give directions. Both Uber and Lyft are heavily based on maps, or they know the road already. If needed, drivers will ask you for directions.

15. Did You Lose Something In The Car? It’s Probably Gone Forever…

When you are late or just super busy, you will probably leave the vehicle without looking behind you. However, this should be a mandatory practice. Always check the seat behind you.

If you leave something behind, the next passenger can pick it up quickly. Some drivers would check for you, while others won’t, especially if you have left the poor tip.

14. Keep Your Volume Down

You may be super busy, or you are on your smartphone always. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone should listen to your problems or even success. Think about proper phone etiquette.

Drivers don’t want to listen to your life from their backseat. If you are on the phone, make sure that you keep it down. Moreover, if you are watching the video, use your headset.

13. Don’t Slam The Door

Some drivers have a sticker on their windows asking you to be gentle with the door. Some people can slam the door so hard that some car parts can easily snap.

Even if there isn’t a door-warning sticker, you should be gentle when closing the door. Closing the door slowly shows that you have respect toward drivers’ primary tool – vehicle.

12. Sometimes You May Experience Custom Playlist

Some drivers think hard on how to make the best possible driving experience for their customers. Some go so far that they have customized music.

Don’t expect a really customed playlist, created especially for you. These lists are more based on different categories, such as age range.

11. You Are Probably Riding With A New Driver

Most Uber and Lyft drivers are working as drivers for a short period. Because their cut is so small, they usually leave the company after a year.

For you, this means that you are probably driving with someone new every time.

10. Party Lights, Gums, And Water… It’s All For Five-Star Rating

Ridesharing is a tight market, so drivers offer extra things to boost their ratings. Basically, any addition is for those yellow stars. Any unusual car interior addition is also there for the tips.

People love to tip creativity in cash. One driver shared how he got $100 tip because of the disco ball inside of the car.

9. Order Two Cars For More Than Four Riders

Drivers must follow the laws on the road. That’s their obligation and your confirmation that you are safe in the car. One of the safety rules is that one Uber or Lyft vehicle can’t take more than four passengers.

No matter how convincing and charming you can be, if there are five of you, order two cars. Every passenger must have a seat belt on, and with five passengers, that’s not possible.

8. Get The Address Right

Time is money. So, when ordering your Uber or Lyft, make sure that you type the destination’s address right. It turns out that most people type the address wrong, and then they get mad at drivers for taking them to the wrong place.

No one likes to deal with angry people, especially if only one side is to blame. Always double-check the end destination.

7. Driver Profits When You Throw Up

No one likes vomiting on the back seat, nor the passenger, nor the drivers. However, unplanned things happen, and people get sick. This occurrence is not always due to toxic drinks.

So, to help drivers deal with this unpleasant situation, a silver lining was created. Therefore, Uber will refund drivers with $80 in damages whenever someone vomits.

6. Rideshare Is Not A School Bus

Rideshare policy is clear about age restrictions. It says that riders must be at least 18. If they are younger, they should be accompanied by an adult or with a parent.

Regardless, people still try to order a car for the youngest one. Most drivers will refuse this service.

5. Don’t Be Late

Respect other people’s time. Don’t make your driver wait, not even 5 minutes – they make pennies for it. That being said, make sure that you order your Lyft or Uber only when you are 100% ready to go.

Otherwise, bear in mind that your driver actually makes $0.10 or even less per minute of waiting.

4. No Grocery Shopping

Rideshare driver is not your personal ride. You are paying for a one-time service to get from point A to point B. Drivers tremble when they see that the request is coming from the nearby grocery store.

Loading the bags, replacing the cart, missing items, additional stops… all in, this time doesn’t come with a reasonable price tag. Still, if you do order a ride with your bags and so on, make sure that you tip driver good.

3. Drivers Love The Roush Hours

During some days, bot Uber and Lyft are extremely popular. When they are so in high demand, you get surge pricing, meaning that you will pay double. If you want the ride during the rush time, don’t be surprised when the app shows you a double price.

This is great for drivers. Interestingly, some employees only drive during the rush hours to make the most from their time behind the wheel.

2. Use Both Uber And Lyft

If you want to avoid the surge pricing, then you should download both apps, and compare them. You can test the prices and destinations in your free time.

This is something that even drivers recommend because you can easily compare prices and find the cheaper option.

1. Use The Google Maps To Find The Best Price

Google knows that its users walk, drive, and take public transit, so it has integrated these models of transportation into its Maps app. Google even included multiple rideshare apps, such as Lyft and Uber.

Moreover, you can even find the estimated price for every share ride app. So, log into Google Maps first, type in your destination and compare the prices.

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