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How To Make Your CV Up To Date With Little Effort

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How you present yourself matters, especially when on you are on a mission of landing the perfect job. When you meet someone you smile, you shake hands, you exchange a few polite words and usually, in those couple of minutes, you already know what you think about that person. After all, the first impression matters.

But, what to do when you don’t get the chance to meet the person live? How do you get to know someone? and most importantly… How do you get to present yourself?

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The First Impression Matters

If you have set a foot on a business trail already you know how important it is to make a good impression, and moreover how to make the first impression fast. In a business world no one how an hour to give you of their time. They usually give you just a few minutes. That being said, it’s crucial to always be ready and set for the go when something unplanned jumps up. So, when was the last time that you did a real review of your CV? or When was the last time you updated your CV? If you have to think, it has been too long.

If you get an opportunity for the job of your dreams, would you say – Oh, wait! I will send my CV in a few days if that’s ok? or something more like – To whom should I send it to my CV immediately? Well, if you are striving to be the go-gather and seize the opportunity, you need to be ready and to have your CV fresh and polished as if you had written it today. Check these steps to always have an updated CV.

1. Plan Ahead

Sometimes you have to act as if you are going to change your job every two weeks. Why? Because this is a great way to keep things and more importantly information up to date. Have a separate file, or even better an online file, and name it my-forever-cv, or name it whatever you like, but let it have its purpose.

This CV should be your reminder of all jobs, internships, volunteering and so, that you have done. Write the name oft he company/organization, job position and job description. This way you will have everything well organizes and memorizes, so maybe you will be able to use a skill from 2019 when applying for a job in 2014.

We forget things, so having a reminder is a good thing. This CV is just for you, so you don’t have to design it. Make it plain, simple, informative and constant.

2. Update Your Skills

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You are constantly improving, learning more, and therefore becoming better. Simply said, you are probably not the same person, in terms of skills and knowledge, today and five years ago. Hence, you should let the world sees that.

Make sure that you always have on ming both soft and hard skills. If you have taken a class, a program, a master, or even an online course, make sure that you list it. Employers love to hire people who love to grow and follow trends, so don’t be afraid to show them that. Also, don’t be afraid to delete some skills that are dated. For example, some really basic skills (like the use of the Internet or Microsoft Office) can be removed, since they’re assumed for most office roles.

3. Remove Dated Phrases

Make sure that you up t date with modern terminology. This will show recruiters that you are following trends and that you know what they are looking for. Moreover, if your CV includes phrases such as ‘references available upon request’ it will send a signal that you’re an old job seeker. Sometimes, less is more. Knowing the lates buzz worlds and business jargon shows that you are passionate about business and that you understand the current trends. Moreover, if you are working in the IT industry, for example, you must know buzz words, especially that they really do change in a flash.

Pro tip: Take a look at some current job descriptions within your industry to see what recruiters are looking for. Update your resume up tp their guidelines. After all, you find everything that you want to know there.

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