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7 Ways To Continuously Achieve Personal Growth

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People often frown upon online courses and classrooms that offer Personal Development teaching. It is simply a means for those who choose to achieve some sort of personal growth. When people mention the words “personal growth,” few are aware of what that means.

Personal Growth, of course, means developing yourself in multiple ways: spiritually, socially, physically, and psychologically. Here are a few ways that you too can grow in those ways:

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1. Grow at Your Pace About Your Passion

With all the news of the world now at most of our fingertips, we see a steady stream of those who have had rousing success in following their dreams. It might feel like you couldn’t possibly do the same, but with time, many things are possible.

What are your interests and passions in life? What was it you wanted to be when you were a teenager?

Personally, I was always fascinated with video games and the different languages they came in. It led to my interest in foreign language films centered around martial arts and later drove me to learn more languages than English and Spanish.

If you’ve learned what your passions truly is, remember that for it to come to fruition takes some time. Just because someone else was successful first doesn’t mean you can’t reach the same goal

2. Make Use of Curiosity for Soft Skills

‘Hard Skills’ would be those that are required to be able to execute the job required of your position. ‘Soft Skills’ would things such as attitude, work ethic, flexibility, and communication skills.

Out of all soft skills, empathy is probably the most important when it comes to the ideal workplace. How does one empathize when their lives differ so much from their co-workers?

When a co-worker comes to you with something that’s been bugging them, take a minute and think about what you would do in their situation. Think about the decisions you would make and tailor your response based on that.

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If you are a husband or partner who spends most of the day at work, take your partner’s place watching the kids and give them a solo day.

This will help you achieve personal emotional growth and enhance our decision-making skills.

3. Kaizen Approach: Aim for 1% Progress, Not Perfection

Think of personal growth as a marathon and not a sprint. Success in anything never happens overnight. Your genius idea will begin to suffer if you feel that the product isn’t “just perfect.”

There are limits to your ability, so do not feel discouraged if you don’t start out well immediately. Each moment is a learning experience. Whatever path you choose, keep in mind our dreams won’t come true as you sleep.

Write down a list of small goals for yourself and make it a point to complete at least one per day. The ‘Kaizen Approach’ is the method of getting 1% of the goal done until you’ve reached completion.

4. Start a Journal and Track Daily Habits

A good way to keep track of those goals you set is by keeping a journal. If you’ve got a computer or you prefer the classic method of writing it down, list your goals in the order you plan on completing them.

Journals are also a good way to keep track of how frequently you exhibit a bad habit and develop a plan to break out of it. But be prepared to put in three weeks’ worth of work for either.

5. Boost ‘Happy’ Neurotransmitters

As you set goals for yourself and complete them, it’s only right that you give yourself a reward. Celebrating your small victories with small sweets can trigger the release of our body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

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There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the little things.

6. Get the Social Support You Need

The people you associate with can often affect your personal growth for the better or worth. Actively seek to surround yourself with individuals who support you and help you stay positive in the darkest of moments.

If the people you hang out with aren’t happy when you’re doing better, it might be time for new friends.

7. Find Happiness in The Little Things

A positive attitude is a very important part of personal growth. When you let the bad things bring you down, it’s getting back up and out of thank funk if it is all you focus on. Did you get to work on time for your last shift? Was your McDonald’s order right this time?

Look around you and see the good things happening and count those as blessings that you’re doing well.

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