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10 Ways To Get A Promotion At Your Current Job

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An average American spends around a third of his life working and we’re not trying to scare you with this. Work can be a great part of someone’s life, and if it isn’t it definitely should be. However, being satisfied with your job won’t only depend on the career choice, but also on the progress in both position and salary. Growth is needed both professionally and financially in order to tell yourself that you are doing a good job.

But, sometimes people that are doing their job magnificently aren’t getting paid enough. They kept their rookie salaries for years which left them wanting more but staying very quiet about it. If you think you’re getting close to the moment to get ahead in your workplace, then make sure you’re doing some of these things. Otherwise, you might have just started a new job and this time, you decided that in a year or two, you want to be promoted for what you’re doing. In any case, following these tips will definitely get you on the right track and make your chances of progressing in career much likelier.

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Let’s start!

1. Stop Trying To Do It All

When you have to concentrate on doing multiple things that are slowly but surely getting out of your control, chances are that you might end up dropping one along the way or doing one of the tasks in the wrong way. That’s why you should identify your priorities and consider delegating some of the tasks to someone else.

2. Get More Productive

Productivity isn’t only about hard work. It should mean a creative, efficient work. The more productivity you put into your work area, the more valuable will you be to the business. Look up some easy hacks and tricks that can make you more productive and the change will soon be noticeable.

3. What Makes You Unique?

As soon as you realize what is it that you can offer and nobody else in the company can do, you will see yourself in a different light. Once you capitalize on that valuable, special skill of yours, asking for a promotion will be much easier to do. Nobody would want to lose an employee that can’t be replaced easily.

4. Invest In Your Knowledge

One of the ways to ensure your progress in career is to “never stop learning”. In order to get better in your field, seek out opportunities to expand your skill set and attend seminars and networking events in your field. So if you want to get promoted, always look for new opportunities to increase your expertise level.

5. Update Your Resumé

It is a mistake to wait to the point of job hunting in order to update your resumé. Usually we all start rewriting our resumés in panic because we’re left with no job, but actually, the best time to do it is when you are already feeling your best self and are growing professionally. So when there’s no pressure for it, give your resumé some attention and update it!

6. Maintain a Work/Life Balance

As we age, maintaining a healthy work/life balance becomes always a bigger challenge than it was before. That’s why it is very important to establish good time management early in life. The sooner you learn to find time throughout the week for your personal interests, family and friends, the unlikelier will the risk of burnout be. This means that your job won’t tear you out which will give you plenty of space to improve your professional skills and the overall success of your workspace.

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7. Ask For A More Flexible Schedule

It was found that some people really aren’t morning people. If you feel that your productivity is not at its peak in the morning, and you believe working in a more flexible environment might bring more benefits professionally-wise, ask your boss for a more flexible work schedule. Maybe you will ask for a day of home work or coming a bit later to work, or even earlier. Talk it out with your boss!

8. Ask For Promotion

This should actually be the rule n.1 when talking about promotions. If you don’t ask for a promotion, you will never get it. Your boss or your manager won’t bring the subject up, so it is up to you to take initiative and schedule that meeting with your boss. Prepare your case ahead of time and explain to your boss why you deserve a raise.

9. Evaluate Your Performance

Asking for a promotion out of the blue and without any evidence that will back up your request, might even do you worse than you thought. Your reputation might be in stock, so before talking to your manager, spend some time evaluating your performance and progression and clearly describe how you exceeded your goals.

10. Count Your Achievements

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. This is business, so it is more than fine to be completely aware and proud of all the achievements you have reached in the last year or two. Reflect on your work and write down all the cases in which you showed what a great worker you are. This will help you to be more persuasive while asking for a promotion when the time comes.

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