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Woman Confesses 10 Year Secret, Then Realizes She Forgot To Turn Zoom Off

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Katy had no idea that what started as an ordinary day would turn in such a devastating manner. She knew that people make mistakes; after all, mistakes are what make us human. Still, nothing could prepare her for the initial shock that came with a single Zoom call. Katy was a phone talking with her sister when something hit her heart. This was the moment to share with something that burden her for ten years, and who is better to listen to you than your sibling.

As she wrapped up the call with her beloved sister, confessing to her a well-kept one years old secret, she heard a voice behind her telling her – “I can still hear you.” Katy swiftly turned around and saw her Ricky, her husband, was still on the zoom call. All that she could see on his face was sadness and confusion. What kind of person would keep a secret like this one? Even worse, what kind of mother would keep a secret like this? Katy knew that she was all caught out. There was no coming back from this. Read on to discover her shocking truth.

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30. The Perfect Life

At first glance, Katy Smith had a perfect life. Moreover, she had the type of life that everyone could only dream of. She had a great husband, Ricky, and two beautiful twin daughters called Molly and Megan.

Their home was filled with love and happiness. To others, they had a perfect life. However, this was far from the truth because every happy family has a secret or two. This was Katy’s.

29. So Much In Love

When Katy first met Ricky, she fell in love instantly. That moment was 14 years ago, and ever since, they enjoyed their every mutual moment. He was everything she ever wanted in life.

From the very first second, she knew that Ricky was ‘the one.’ In no time, they were engaged and then got married. For Katy, her perfect life could begin. However, when people are in love, they do silly things, and Katy did just that.

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28. Hello Babies

Soon after they said the final ‘I do’, Katy discovered that she was pregnant. Soon to be parents learned that they wouldbe parents not to one baby, but two.

In no time, they were parents, and their whole life changed. As soon as she met her baby girls, Katy knew that her life won’t ever be the same. She also knew that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her kids.

27. Motherhood

Motherhood was such a rich experience for Katy. She enjoyed every second of it, although she had moments of sadness, anger, and happiness. Just one look into her daughter’s eyes, and the world was again in balance.

She was there for her children 24/7. Two babies are twice the job, after all. Having kids puts a strain on even the strongest relationship. There was something that could blow Katy and Ricky’s marriage if anyone ever found out.

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26. Devoted

Katy knew how it was to be a devoted mom. She gave her best to be the best mom possible, although there were some really challenging moments. Juggling work and motherhood wasn’t easy, but she managed.

Katy and Ricky’s life looked perfect from the outside. At the time, no one knew that devoted mom was hiding something. Katy has been living a lie and had a secret she absolutely had to make sure would stay hidden. And it had… until now.

25. Working From Home

When 2020 hit with its massive change, Katy’s life took another turn. Suddenly, just like millions across the globe, Katy was forced to change her living habits and stay in the home. She also had to work from home full-time.

The year 2020 was a big one for the twins. They were about to turn ten years. New living conditions, social change, and birthday around the corner stress Katy, but she knew that she needs to put things through. However, not in a million years, she could guess that her Monday morning would end in just horrible manners.

24. Separated

As if things didn’t get worse enough, Katy’s husband wasn’t there to help her when she needed it most. It just how life works; it seems. Ricky had to move to another home in the worse turn of events, isolate, and wait for doctors’ confirmation that he is fine to be with other people.

He didn’t just go to another home had to go to another city. He was on a business trip when he learned that he must stay in for two weeks. He felt terrible because Katy was left all alone with the twins.

23. Another Monday Morning

It was another Monday morning and another day of staying at home and working from home for Katy. She woke her kids up, gave them kisses, prepared food, and called her husband to wish him a nice morning.

She settled her children with their online learning classes and started her shift from her computer. She was sure that this was going to be an ordinary day. How wrong she was…

22. Video Calling Her Husband

It was about lunchtime when Kat clocked off on her shift and took her lunch break. She gave the twins their lunch and video called her husband via Zoom.

She couldn’t explain to anyone just how much she missed her husband. She wishes for him to be next to her so bad. She never suspected that everything was about to change.

21. A Call From Her Sister

Suddenly Katy’s phone rang. It was her sister Laura. She told Rikcythat she needs to go. She blew a kiss into the camera. Ricky did the same, and she grabbed the air kiss.

She waved goodbye, picked up the phone call, and then logged off from zoom. Or so she thought. This is the moment that will change their lives forever.

20. Double Trouble

Katy and her sister Laura were very close. The age difference between them was only two years, so they knew each other’s life milestones. They shared significant events and big secrets.

They were always there for each other during childhood and adulthood. They shared everything and knew each other secrets. They were not only sisters but best friends as well. Laura was the only one who knew Katy’s secret. Now, the time has come for the world to learn about it as well.

19. Small Talk Comes First

As sisters often do, they started a conversation with regular topics, more of small talks. They shared their opinion on last night’s TV show that they both love.

Then they talked about twins’ birthdays, with Laura confirming that she will be attending their virtual party. But then, the casual conversation led to something a little more serious.

18. The Big Secret

Suddenly, their small talk moved to a more serious tone. Katy’s sister told her that she needs to come clean, as twins are turning ten years. It was evident that this ‘something’ was a big deal.

She told Katy that she needs to tell him. Katy didn’t know what to say to her, so she told her the first thing that comes to her mind, “It would devastate him, though.” Then, a voice from behind said, “I can still hear you.”

17. A Mistake

A long time ago, ten years ago, to be exact, Katy had an affair with an ex-boyfriend. She knew that was wrongdoing, and yet it happened, and she couldn’t undo her past actions.

This action was something that haunted her up to the date. As you may expect, she never told Ricky about this. He also had no idea that one month after the indiscretions, she became pregnant.

16. A Secret DNA Test

Pregnancy was a big shock for Katy. Once she confirmed that she was pregnant, she had an unusual feeling. She had a gut feeling that her ex was the father and not Ricky, but she couldn’t tell him. She knew that it would destroy him.

So, she turned to her secret and shared her worries. For nine months, Katy thought about this and couldn’t wait for the babies to arrive. When they were born, Katy did a DNA using the twins’ and Ricky’s DNA. Ricky had no idea about this and what she learned turned her world upside down.

15. Who To Blame

As expected, Ricky wasn’t the father of the twins. Her world collapsed, but she knew that there was no one to blame but herself. Lara, her sister, knew about this discovery, and they swore never to mention it again.

However, as life happens, some things just won’t stay buried. After her cal with her husband, Katy talked with Laura, and he heard Katy saying, “He’s not the father.” Here is his reaction.

14. He’s Not The Father

Just as Katy was to explain everything, Ricky hung up. She kept on calling him, but there was no response. He didn’t even call to say goodnight to the twins before bed.

The following day just when she was about to run the twins a bath, she received a message on her cellphone. It was Ricky and her something to tell her. What he said left her speechless.

13. A Reality Check

Ricky was devastated. At first, he had no idea how to react, which is why he just hung up. Knowing that your wife was unfaithful was one thing, but discovering that your kids aren’t actually yours is completely another one.

He couldn’t believe that his life isn’t his anymore. So, he thought for a day and decide to text Katy. It simply said, “I want a divorce.” Katy knew that this was possible, but it was still difficult for her to accept it.

12. A Ten-Year-Old Lie

Katy had held onto the massive lie for ten years. In a way, she felt relieved that the secret is finally out. She felt like breathing easier.

Although it was the challenging year of 2020, and everything was jammed, and in a big mess, but still Katy got divorce papers the very next week. The divorce process was done in a few days, and Katy had to start a new life now. As expected, she didn’t get a cent in the divorce settlement. Still, Ricky loved the girls, and he promised to provide for them.

11. Setting A Trust Fond

Ricky didn’t stop loving his family overnight. Moreover, he wanted children to be well-taken care of. He even set up a trust fund so that they could go to college when the time comes.

This was more than nice from Ricky. Loing someone and having a family for years, only to learn that children aren’t yours, must be devastating. This goes beyond parenting, and his entire life was changed for good. Still, he found enough strength to rise above the situation.

10. Why Did Ricky Decided To Help?

It was devastating for Ricky to learn that his life actually isn’t his, but he knew one thing – he had to survive. Plus, all the love that he felt toward his wife and children over the years couldn’t disappear overnight.

So, no matter how hard the decision was, he knew that he needs to protect his children. At least what he could do was secure their future, give them certain support, while the rest will be on them. Ricky did something that others never did in similar situations.

9. Paternity Fraud

Paternity fraud is when a man is incorrectly identified to be the biological father of a child. This type of fraud was common throughout history, and it is even today.

In most cases, it’s linked with adultery. Paternity test labs are very open about their data and work that they claim that about 1/3 of their paternity tests have a ‘negative’ result. Moreover, of all the possible fathers who take a paternity test, about 32% are not the biological father.

8. Is Paternity Fraud A Crime?

Officially, paternity fraud isn’t a crime, but a man can take civil action against a woman to seek reimbursement of his child support. And this happens in a huge number of paternity fraud cases.

However, it’s the court’s responsibility and the final decision to provide the best for child support at the end of the day. There are severe consequences left on the child/children and the whole family and their close circle.

7. Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

Mike L. from Pennsylvania had a tough year in 2007. In July that same year, he went to the court to declare that he was no longer the father of his daughter.

He had been a father for four years only to discover that his baby girl isn’t his. The DNA test revelation was devastating, and it did push him to leave his wife. However, he had not renounced their child and even paid her child support. That all changed one day.

6. A Change Of Heart

Mike was honest about his feelings when he first discovered the truth. He loved the little girl, and no test could delete those memories or that love he had for his child.

However, when he learned that his ex-wife was about to marry the man who was the girl’s biological father, Mike decided to act drastically. For him, supporting another man’s child wasn’t an option anymore. His battle lasted for two years, and he is finally free of child support.

5. He Still Loves His Daughter

Mike is free in terms of money, but he still sees his daughter. He never planned to leave her behind or not care for her in some way. Every other weekend, the 11-year-old-girl, lives in Mike’s house in a quiet suburban.

Her room is decorated to promote her current interest, so a soccer bedspread, soccer curtains, and a soccer-ball night light are mandatory in her room. She calls Mike ‘Daddy.’

4. It’s Not About Shared DNA

Paternity fraud is a serious thing. Someone’s heart can be broken, and some people can heavily react to DNA results. In some cases, as in Mike’s, it’s never about the DNA results, but what lies in their hearts.

In most cases, women are left alone because fellows cannot believe them anymore. Also, in the majority of cases, men do not provide child support. For example, one father is still fighting Florida’s court.

3. Man Forced To Pay Child Support

Joseph Sinawa is fighting a big battle against the state of Florida. He’s being forced to pay child support despite a DNA test proving he isn’t the biological father.

Joseph had no idea that isn’t the biological father when he signed the birth certificate. A DNA test proved that he isn’t the father, but he still needs to pay for child support. The judge’s decision is wrong by many, but Joseph still has to pay.

2. The Final Decision

Many still cannot understand why Joseph needs to continue paying for child support or why the court demanded this action. After all, he has papers proving that he isn’t the father.

He appealed the judge’s decision, and he is still waiting for the final decision. No one knows when it will be. However, his lawyer had something to say about this case that shocked many.

1. The Problem

St. Augustine Attorney Brandon Beardsley has been practicing family law for more than 16 years. He said: “You’re just making a father pay child support every month now for an extended period of time, which he should not be paying until he follows these procedures.”

He continued: “The problem with the department of revenue is that the state is their client, not the mom.” Joseph’s ex-wife isn’t interested in child support, and she talks about it openly, but it didn’t help much so far.

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