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Woman Saves Kitty From Highway, Realizes Was More Than It Seemed

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Any animal lover, and even those who are not so passionate about animals, would stop and help a creature in need. After all, if you see a living being in need, it seems only fitting to help as much as you can, right? Whenever we see stray cats or dogs, we stop and feed them, especially during the cold and harsh winter, or even give them a ride to the vet for a check-up, cleaning, spaying, or neutering – because it’s a human thing to do.

Coming across an animal in ned may happen at any moment, which is exactly what our hero learned on this unforgettable day. A woman’s journey to meet her friends for dinner turned into a kitten-rescue. The poor thing was stuck close to the highway, ready to jump into the running cars. She automatically stopped her car and decided on the spot to help. However, she had no idea that this wasn’t a regular kitty!

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25. Stray Animals

It’s always heartbreaking to see a stray dog or a cat wandering around, with no place to sleep and without access to food and clean water. Most cities have their local pounds, which are usually crowded, so their faith rests on people.

Often people choose to help stay animals and try to find them a good and fitting home. In extremely rare cases, an animal will meet someone great as a woman from our story.

24. A Stray Cat

Did you know that every year shelters take in 3.2 million cats? Moreover, did you know that each year around 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized? Some animals are dropped out, some are left homeless after their owner died, and some were born and grew up on the street.

Still, many animal lovers are giving their best to adopt as many animals as possible and especially cats, since they are the most represented in the States. After all, cats are low maintenance animals, and they don’t require an all-day commitment.

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23. An Animal Lover

Jill Hicks, the woman in our story, is an animal lover that would jump to help anyone in need, animal and human. Still, this particular day, Jill will remember forever.

What started as an ordinary day ended as a real adventure for Jill. She was getting ready to meet her friends for dinner, but at the time, she had no idea that she would have to rethink her dinner plans.

22. Into The Car

Jill was ready to meet some friends for dinner that night. She got into her car and drove toward the restaurant. During her journey, at one moment, she spotted a fluffy bundle on the side of the road.

Jill knew that she needs to stop and help the poor thing. She stopped and knew she had to act fast to save the kitten’s life! Luckily, she just knew how to do it.

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21. All Alone, On The Road

Jill couldn’t believe that she sees a kitty on a busy highway. After all, what kind of person would abandon a kitty in this place and leaves her to die?

At first, she thought it was a bunny. The creature was small and fluffy, plus it was more common to see bunnies near the highway than cats. How wrong was she!

20. Saving The Animal

Was it a bunny or a cat? Jill wasn’t sure initially, but she knew that she needs to save it from the busy road! When she got close, she realized it wasn’t a cat, but a tiny, super fluffy kitten, looking at her as if asking to be saved.

“I got closer, and I realized that it was a tiny kitten. I pulled over and opened my car door, and left it open so that traffic would slow down. And I went toward the kitten,” said Jill. She carefully waited for the cars to slow down a bit and run toward the kitten that was frozen with fear.

19. Safe Kitty

Jill acted like a true hero, and once she had a kitten in her arms, she cuddled it in a sweater. She wanted to keep a poor kitten warm. This was just the beginning of an important rescue mission.

Jill explained: “I was thinking it was a kitten somebody had tossed out, so I thought there may be more. So I was calling for other cats, saying, ‘Kitty, kitty, kitty,’ thinking more kittens would come to me.”

18. No Kittens

Jill called and called, but there were no other kittens around. No kitten-mom, as well. Jill wanted to make sure that the kitten wouldn’t get hit by a car or eaten by predators like coyotes.

Jill still had to go to dinner, so she sat back in a car and headed home. At the time, she had no idea that her story will go viral. Here’s how the drive back home was like with a scared kitty.

17. A Very Unusual Copilot

The poor kitty seems scared and shy. She was also a bit strange and an unusual copilot. After all, how often do you see a cat riding a car? The front seat is usually reserved for bigger animals, like dogs.

Cats are known for loving their routine and usually being scared of new situations. However, this tinny kitten was anything but scared. Jill remembered how the kitten climbed all over the seats constantly, that Jill had to calm her down. Here is how she did it.

16. A Successful Rescue Mission?

Jill put a cat in her car, she climbed all over her, around her neck, and eventually got into the passenger seat. The little passenger for so active that Jill had to pull over a couple of times to get her situated.

She finally got the kitten on her lap, wrapped up in the sweater, and got her calm. Although this seems like a lot, this was just the beginning of a rescue mission.

15. A New Feline

Jill had everything planned in her head – she was planning to keep the small kitten in the garage for a few hours until she is done with her dinner. She already was a pet owner and had a cat and a dog.

Some animals aren’t so welcoming to new animals, so Jill wanted to avoid any trouble. Garage seemed like a good option. She put the kitten there for a while and gave her food, water, and a litter box.

14. Five-Star Hotel

After a life on a highway, Jill’s garage probably seemed like a five-star hotel to frighten the kitten. Jill gave the tiny kitten food and water and headed again to met her friends. Before she runs through the door, Jill decides to do one thing.

Jill took a kitten photo and posted it on Facebook, asking if someone would want to adopt this little cat. At the time, she had no idea that she will be surprised like never before in her life. She then left her house…

13. Cute Kitty Photos

People love seeing cats, especially cute kittens, on their social media feeds. As expected, many reacted to Jill’s new furry friend, but she didn’t really notice anything since she was enjoying her dinner with friends.

Once the dinner was done, Jill realized that her post went viral. She was so focused on thinking about making it through the night and keeping the pets separated. She didn’t check for her notifications. As she approached her home, her neighbor across the street ran towards her, asking about the kitty.

12. Huge Response

Jill was happy that her neighbor showed interest in her new kittens. But looking at her neighbor’s face, she realized something was off. Did something happen?

The woman saw the kitten on Jill’s Facebook and came to ask about it. Did she want to adopt her? No, she came over to tell Jill the truth about her new furry friend. She asked if she could see the cat, and Jill said yes.

11. Going Viral

Jill then heard her neighbor asking, “Have you read all the posts on Facebook from the picture you posted?” At that moment, Jill showed her concern. What could be so wrong about her post?

Ok, there was definitely something odd because, according to Jill’s neighbor, people went crazy about her post in only two hours. Here’s where things get really interesting…

10. Hiding

Jill and her neighbor saw that the kitten was hiding under the sweater in the cardboard box. It’s known that cats love hiding in boxes. Now, when she got the chance to look at this kitty carefully and in peace, she saw the confirmation.

Now, Jill was sure that what she saved from the highway wasn’t a kitten. This was definitely a feline, but not a housecat! If it wasn’t a housecat, what was it? She was about to discover.

9. Not a Housecat?

How could the kitten not be a housecat? It definitely looked like a cat, it meowed like a cat, and it acted like one. However, Jill did notice something unusual about this cat when she first met her…

Jill noticed that the cat has a short tail, but she didn’t get a chance to examine her because she had to rush to dinner fully. Now it was obvious that she didn’t save a regular cat, but a bobcat kitty!

8. It Was a Bobcat!

There are cats with short, stubby tails, but this one was a little pointy, and she has started getting a little hissy and even growling when Jill picked her up.

Jill did the first thing that she could at the time – she updated her friends on Facebook in a new situation. Still, Jill knew that it’s better to let a little bobcat sleep in the garage than let her roam outside in the dark and far from her potential home. So, Jill decided to sleep in the garage as well for that night.

7. Eating Tuna Fish

Jill got her bobcat to drink a lot of water, and she did eat tuna fish the following morning. Once the bobcat was well fed, she could contact the director of For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue, Juniper Russo.

Russo came over to take the bobcat. He has some information to share with Jill. He informed her that the kitty was around seven weeks old. Russo examined her, and it told her that the bobcat was anemic and needed to get healthy and stronger. Plus, the bobcat was separated from her mom.

6. Getting Better

Russo took complete care of this small creature. Luckily, after a few days of intensive care, the bobcat named Arwen was doing very well. Now, Arwen had to recover.

Arwen had to recover, get rehabilitated, and then released back into the wild. He explained: “I expect that she’ll need care until next spring. When the time comes, she’ll be released into a protected wilderness area.”

5. Going Back Home

Unfortunately, Arwen’s den wasn’t found in the forest close to the road. Therefore, the baby was going to stay for a while with the rescue. After a few days, the tiny bobcat became aggressive.

In a way, this was a good thing because it was a clear indicator that she is getting better. Arwen was so expressive that the rescue service nicknamed her “Little Miss Murdermittens.”

4. Miss Murdermittens Is A Great Hunter

Jill’s story went viral, and in no time, small Miss Murdermittens had fans all across the globe. Everyone wanted to know how bobcat is doing.

Jill informed fans that bobcat is now learning pre-hunting skills and likes to leap on her toys and shake them. Rescue service also adds that they are optimistic about her long-term success.

3. The Call of the Wild

Caring about an animal and then returning her to the wild isn’t strange. Even captive animals are returned to the wild every day. They just should be adequately groomed for what’s waiting for them out there.

The biggest issue with returning captive animals is their connection to humans. Since they don’t have a natural fear of humans, they are vulnerable to poachers and poorly equipped for life in the wild.

2. Going Home

In the case of this tiny wanna-be, a house cat, bobcat, it was crucial to help her get healthier and more robust before released. Luckily, Miss Murdermittens took only a few days to feel better.

Once Miss Murdermittens reach the wild, it will be hard to gather any information on her life in the wild. Some animal rescue services may microchip her in some cases, but those are rare and usually ask for special permissions.

1. Calling a Professional

Jill’s is definitely a unique one, but it’s not one of a kind. Therefore, it’s crucial to act responsibly when you spot a stray animal or a wild animal that needs assistance.

Whenever you spot an animal in distress, if possible, call a professional first. People from a local wildlife center could help. There are always more experienced people in handling these situations, and you’ll surely be safer that way.

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