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These Are The 7 Fastest Women-Led Big Companies Today

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Men have predominantly been on the pedestal in running businesses to success, minus the numerous failures from time immemorial.

Not just in businesses have they been running the show, but also in other various trades such as engineering, maritime, inventions, technology, aeronautics; you name it.

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Times have changed now, women have evolved and shown that they can play on the same ground as men in running businesses and occupying top managerial positions in fortune 500 companies.

Hence the birth of the saying, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. Well, this can cause a whole debate but for now, we can leave it at that. Forbes released its rich list and two women have graced the top 20 list.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers of L’Oreal and Alice Walton of Walmart have shown their prowess in running their franchise companies as well as many other profound women.

There are fast-growing companies that have caught the radar of many, led by profound businesswomen in the fields of IT, construction and solar energy.

Here are some of the amazing self-made women dovetailing their companies to greater heights.

Loren Rochelle and Brent Neill

Loren and Brent were initially colleagues before they decided to join forces and co-founded Not Ordinary Media (NOM).

These formidable women started NOM in 2014 and from there it has been registering as one of the fastest-growing companies. It registered a revenue of over $21 million. They saw a niche that has not yet been fully explored and knew they would do it differently.

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NOM runs video advertising on social media platforms such as YouTube by running appropriate ads for their clients with their safe campaign-tracking software.

Their company was later bought by MTM, a big advertising firm, but still runs its operations separately by them.

Sarah Dimlich

Sarah Dimlich and her husband David Dimlich started their company SD3IT deals with cybersecurity solutions development for both government and private clients.

The company which was formed in 2014 has been growing really fast registering revenue of over $11 million. Its operations using Mitel, HP and other companies.

Julie Dakar and Amrita Grewal

Julie Dakar and Amrita Grewal were also work-mates who teamed up and decide to start up their own HR, talent search and staff Management Company.

They started the company in 2013 and since then they have never looked back. The firm has soared them to the Inc. 5000 top fastest-growing company more than twice.

It has grown their number of employees from less than 100 in 2015 to over 500 employees by 2018. They have garnered revenue up to over $48 million.

Kindred Bravely

“Necessity is the mother of innovation”, so they say. Kindred Bravely, was brave enough to start her own clothing line.

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She started her own company in 2015, Kindred Bravely which was inspired by her being uncomfortable in the clothes she wore after the birth of her child.

She found her niche of mothers and started designing pajamas, bras, and tops since she could relate to the struggle.

Kindred Bravely has since then been a fast-growing company with a revenue of over $9 million.

Rhonda Stevens Grayer

The construction business has had male players being on the top for a very long time. They still are, but women are climbing up the ladder to prove they can ball as hard as the men.

Rhonda Stevens Grayer is the President of WT Stevens Construction Company. It is a family business that has operated in 2002.

She has managed to successfully steer the wheels of the company to greater heights. The company now boasts over 40 employees and a revenue of over $7 million.

Nagajyothi Pothukanuri

Nagajyothi is a formidable woman in the tech business that has seen men dominating the industry. She founded Core Software Technologies in 2011.

Her company has registered a revenue of over $4 million by managing other businesses’ web services like Amazon, cloud computing and other applications.

Core Software Technologies has grown so fast in the business industry.

Breezy Griffith

Founded in 2013, Skinny Dipped has been more than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Breezy Griffith. They make chocolate almonds that have been a delight to many.

This is by sighting their revenue at over $10 million. A business that was started in the home kitchen and selling at their local market has grown to be an online and retail sensation.

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