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Why Are Women Still Wearing These Outdated Fashion Trends?

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The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world. The fact that trends come and go every year supports this claim. Still, some fashion items are forever. Do you remember the famous little black dress? That one will never go out of style. Yes, some fashion items are timeless, and they continue to stick even after they’re over. However, some items are just bad, and they don’t look flattering on anyone, although they are trending.

For example, Crocs and baggy hoodies are defined as poor fashion choices, but they are still finding their way to their customer. Are you also a Crocs lover? If you are, we don’t blame you – if anything, they are comfortable. Read on to see what experts find officially “out,” but people are rocking it.

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30. Mismatching Patterns Too Much

Sometimes, mismatching patterns can look good. Dark grey with a bit of yellow? Always a win. However, when you place loud patterns – such as polka-dots, neon colors, or leopard print, it can be too much. You bring so much, but yet people might be confused.

Simply said, combining patterns, in general, doesn’t work. Plus, putting bright shades of the same color can also make you look older. Unless you are in a music video, don’t exaggerate with mismatching patterns, they can make you look older. Whenever you aren’t sure what you should match, always pair neutral with loud colors.

29. Overly-Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows should complement your face, not make it strange. In the 1990s, thin eyebrows were kind of a thing. Some would even shave off their eyebrows and draw them back on. All in, super-thin eyebrows can make you older, and they don’t look real unless they are naturally thin, which is an entirely different story.

As we age, our hair naturally thins, including our eyebrows. Now, bushy and thick eyebrows are back-in style. The reason? Wildly eyebrows now stand for youth. If you love thin eyebrows, you should just make sure that you don’t make them too thin. The best thing that you could do about your eyebrows is to trust your natural eyebrow shape. Nature has already decided how to shape your face.

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28. Hot Pink Lipstick

If you want that wow effect that red lipstick gives, you should use only lipstick that’s complimentary for your face and skin. That being said, unless hot pink lipstick and you are a true heaven match, you should avoid it. This shade looked trendy in the twentieth century, but not so much now.

Nowadays, you can choose between hundreds of different lipstick tones. Hot pink lipstick blinds people. Plus, less is always more. As with most timeless makeup, subtle is better (unless it’s classy red lipstick!).

27. Sheer Tops

Yes, selling see-through tops is still a thing, but why do stores sell it, it’s still a mystery. In a way, see-through tops are complicated. You have to pick a shirt to wear under it, and if it rains, you are in real trouble.

Why wear a top if it doesn’t cover anything? Again a mystery. Clothes are meant to shelter us from the weather, fashion aside. The same goes for white shirts that end up being see-through. Sorry, but they just don’t look good.

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26. Capris

Capri pants are fashionable, but they don’t look flattering on anyone. First of all, their design is flawed, because they’re not pants, nor they are shorts. So in a way, Capris always look like a mistake. Still, people adore wearing them because they are practical and usually made from breathable material. Moreover, those who are shy to show their skin, see this model as a perfect safe zone.

Plus, capri pants are cut off above the ankle, making peoples’ legs shorter. Some fo so far, calling them a fashion Frankenstein. On top of that, capri pants are hard to style. To pull them off, people often carry a baggy shirt, which can make them older. Do you still want to buy capri pants?

25. Crocs. Enough Said

Ah! The famous Crocs. You can love them or hate them. Initially, the famous Crocs’ were invented in 2002, and people can’t stop wearing them ever since. Why is that you may ask? They are comfortable, functional, and durable. They are also often used as memes, so people can’t simply forget them.

Plus, the most significant Croc trend happened in the early 2000s, and many people still think about this era when they see the shoe. Nowadays, people even wear them with socks and rocking it on daylight. During their popularity, kids would get their feet stuck in an elevator, so extra caution is needed, just in case.

24. Applying Too Much Contour

When it comes to makeup, less is always more. If you want that effortless makeup look, you will have to put a lot of effort. Still, there is a thin line between highlighting your facial features and covering them with too much contour.

Contouring can be over-done, and people can notice it instantly. Although Kim Kardashian and YouTubers may have popularized contouring, it does not look appropriate (or even fashionable) on everyday people, so don’t try to replicate it. Remember: you are your own person, and your face is unique, and you should highlight it as such. Also, “too much makeup” appearance is outdated.

23. Tying A Flannel Around Your Waist

The 2010s seemed filled with revived ’90s trends, including tying flannel shirts around the waist. In most cases, this includes black workout pants, nuder shirt, or a neutral skin-tight outfit.

Overall, flatter can look great, but on the hips. This fashion move is not necessary, but for some reason, people love it. Maybe they don’t want to destroy their pants if they sit on something nasty? Plus, tying flannel widens your hips and visually changes your figure. If you love flannel, wear it.

22. Poofy Teased Hair

The 70s and the 80s gave the world great music and some of the most original fashion styles, including hair. Back then, big hair was a symbol of alternative punk culture, and many were punk lovers.

But nowadays, the hairstyle only reminds people of the ’80s. At best, you can make your hair look like it’s straight from the 90s – which is still old. Backcombing and teasing can significantly damage your hair and mess with your hair health. If you want to rip out your hair, backcombing is the way to do it. Better stay to soft, naturally-styled hair. If you’re going to experiment, don’t overdo it.

21. “Old Lady” Handbags

Individual designs and specific shapes can make you loke more seriously and even older. If you are a huge bag fan, you should know that the “old lady” bag does just that – makes you look old and stiff.

If your handbag is a rectangular, small, and single color (usually black), it’s probably an “old lady” purse. Modern bags are fun and relaxed. They may have some creative patchwork of fun colors to make them more appealing, more youthful.

20. Foundation That’s Too Thick

When it comes to good makeup, the foundation is everything. Again, less is more when it comes to putting preparations on your skin. Back in the 90s, it was a trend to have pale skin as much as possible and screaming lipstick. Nowadays, that’s not the case.

Nowadays, natural is always better. You should strive to match your natural skin tone better and make it more appealing, in a calmer tone. How to know if we put enough foundation? If you can see freckles or moles through your foundation, you’re in the clear. Of course, if you are going to the red carpet or TV, leave it to the professionals.

19. Smoky Eye That’s Only Black

Avril Lavigne, punk rocker, loved black smoky eyes style. This was kind of her trademark. All-around black eyeliner was so the beginning of the 2000s, or as others call it “early 2000s edgy teenager” look.

Nowadays, smoky black eyes are the thing of the past. People pair their smokey eyes with another color, more noticeable. Moreover, they often choose a bright color, making their eyes more sparkly. If anything, it looks more elegant than all black.

18. Overly Baggy Jeans

Another trend that started and ended in the ’90s. Baggu jeans are commonly seen in ’90s music videos. They had a superpower as well, to turn people into a tent in only a few seconds.

Most jeans today have more of a natural leg shape. Even the broader styles are more following the leg shape. There’s a style of jeans for everyone, but you should think twice before choosing to wear extra baggy pants.

17. Juicy Couture Anything

If you have a single item with a Juicy sign on it, you should immediately place it on your attic and forget that you have it. This was almost universal fashion linked to the early 2000s. Today, you can only have it on some discounts, or in second-hand shops.

Anything with a Juicy sign screams outdated. The sparkly stripes and bedazzled words on the butt just don’t look great in the 2020s. They are also comfortable, but they are still a big no when it comes to fashion.

16. Jersey Fabric Anything

Jersey fabric dresses only work on particular body types. Why? The reason is simple – they cling to everything. If you decide to wear this type of dress, you must know that every line of your body will be easily seen, including your underwear.

Because jersey fabric shows off everything, they may make people feel uncomfortable. If you are a part of this group, you should do yourself a favor and skip them. Jersey fabric may look great on runway models, but there is a reason for that – these dresses are specially designed for their bodies only. As you know, clothes should look great on every body type.

15. Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are very 1960s, but they are coming back. Kate Middleton is a huge fan, and she is often seen wearing them. They look good only on a few people, although they seem perfect in theory.

Multi-colored tights are hard to style. With this colorful item, you must wear neutral dresses. Even then, they may look gaudy. However, if you really love tights, but you would love to avoid this pattern, think about call-black tights, or in any other color.

14. Metallic Clothing

What’s the best way to rock futuristic fashion? There is none, actually. This 1960s fashion style reappeared on the 2013 runway… and that was the end. Still, a few pieces survived, and people are still wearing them.

Metallic clothing just looks so synthetic. The truth is that it never wrinkles or has any curves, while the reflective surface only distracts from peoples’ natural body shape. Plus, it’s challenging to style it – you can’t just simply blend it in, it has to dominate the entire look.

13. Skin-Toned Pantyhose

Tights usually look great on everyone. That’s at least the case with nude pantyhose. If you choose to wear tights that are a shade or two darker than your skin tone, you risk looking older than your age.

Skin-Toned pantyhose are usually reserved for grandmas. On the other hand, if you want to be trendy all year long, you should think about wearing multi-colored, black, and even sheer tights. If you are in doubt, you can never go wrong with bare legs.

12. Incredibly Bulky Necklaces

Jewelry can help you feel better. It’s that little touch that puts an extra value. As long as its classy, and well fit into your outfit, it should be all good. However, if you choose bulky jewelry, such as a necklace, you may seem outdated.

Plus, the bulky necklace looks old and unsophisticated, unless you are royal family members heading o a formal dinner. So, for extra impressions, choose a smaller and more subtle necklace.

11. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Sorry glitter lovers, but being shinny isn’t that popular anymore. This was reserved for the begging of the 2000s and mostly during the holiday season parties. Now, you should avoid anyhow putting glitter on your body and even your clothes.

If you insist on putting glitter on, you should know when to stop. How to see the line? If an entire article of clothing, from your shirt to your pants, is glittery, you’ve crossed the line.

10. Shutter Shades

Kanye West knows how fun shatter shader might be. Just a decade ago, the famous rapper made a real sensation with this product. These glasses weren’t invented by Kanye, because they were a thing back in the ’80s, and before that in the 1950s.

Initially, they were called Venetian blinders, because you can’t see anything while wearing these glasses. So, are their glasses? Hardly. They go over your eyes, which don’t help your eyesight in any way. Unless you are at a festival, they don’t look cool.

9. Shapeless Clothing

Ok, Billie Eilish can do whatever she wants, and she had a good reason for her style. So, unless you share the same philosophy, you might want to skip baggy dresses and an overall shapeless outfit.

Shapeless clothes turn you into a ball. With baggy clothes, you won’t have anybody shape; you will just be turned into a blob. Still, this style goes a long way. Plus, over-sized clothes can make you look older, more significant, and even lazy. As pajamas baggy clothes are great!

8. Turtlenecks

Only those born under the lucky star know that turtleneck can actually look good on them. For the rest of the people, turtlenecks should be far away from a reach. Turtlenecks are ultimately the ’50s and the ’80s thing.

Many believe that turtlenecks are designed to protect people during the winter. However, that’s not the case. Scarves and collared shirts can protect your skin against the cold. pLUS, they look better. If you want to test this fashion trend, you should think about starting with a low turtleneck.

7. Ugg Boots

We know… It gets worse! There was a period when everyone wore Ugg boots. Nowadays, you can only see a few of them wearing these boots. Simply said, the shoe has gone in and out of style since the 1980s.

Some fashion experts claim that these boots should remain out of style forever. Still, many would easily refuse to drop them for good. Like Crocs, Uggs were designed for comfort, not appearance, you may think, but the truth is different. The flat sole provides no support, and with no circulation, they can only lead to disaster.

6. Trucker Hats

Hats can go out of style smoothly, and Trucker hats prove it. These hats, with a mesh back and an obnoxious design on the front, are a fashion nightmare. Kids might still adore it, but adults should scale to another level.

In the 2000s, trucker hats were a regular promotional giveaway. They are cheap, bulky, and campy because they are all of that. True fashion lovers are praying for these hats never to return.

5. Micro-Purses

Mini-handbags may look stylish on the runway, but in reality, they are a real nightmare. Just imagine how convenient they are? Can you place everything that you need in the mini-handbag, starting from your keys, documents, and so on?

Bags should be practical and easy to carry around. In general, these small fashion wonders are almost useless and send a negative vibe. These bags were a thing in the ’60s and ’70s, as an accessory, never as a real bag.

4. Tiny Sunglasses

Like micro-purses, tiny sunglasses are useless. These slim sunglasses barely cover a guinea pig’s eyes, much less a human’s. They first appeared in 2018, but they didn’t stay there. Even Anastasia wore them.

In general, sunglasses are designed to protect eyes from UV rays. Tiny sunglasses can’t really do so. However, if you have tendencies of looking like a cartoon villain, then you should think about purchasing these small items. If you want the real thing, there are plenty of other stylish and useful sunglasses to choose from.

3. Silicone Wristbands

Unless you are visiting a festival or charity events, or some youth conference, you shouldn’t be wearing silicone wristbands. Back in the early 2000s, silicone wristbands skyrocketed in popularity. In no time, Livestrong bracelets were everywhere.

Today, schools, companies, and nonprofits still give out these wristbands for charitable causes because they’re cheap to make. This doesn’t make them fashionable. They look outdated, overused, and more like a kid’s accessory than an adult’s.

2. Short Bangs

Could you live without your bangs? Believe it or nor extra-short bangs became popular in the 1950s. In most cases, they look adorable on youngsters and young people, but on others, they can make others appear older. Plus, they are kind of awkward.

With short bangs, the abrupt line doesn’t flatten any face in the world. Still, long bangs are acceptable, because you have to grow them out to get rid of them. Cutting your bangs short doesn’t make them disappear. It makes them worse.

1. Denim Everything

Do you remember that era when Britney and Justin rocked all-denim-outfit? Many do, and they are still trying to forget. All in denim is not that cool as people might believe it to be. That’s a late ’80s trend that should never return.

Simply said, too much denim looks trashy and cheap. Even when Britney and Justin are rocking it? Yes, even then. Less is more, so always choose one piece of denim, instead a bunch of denim at once.

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