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Why Is Working Abroad Good For Your Career?

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Traveling is for many the best way to spend their time. Knowing how much you’re able to see, experience, feel, hear and taste while traveling, it’s no wonder that a lot of people spend all their savings just to visit beautiful places they normally don’t see. However, with a fulltime job and all your daily chores, you most probably wait for your free days to go to your well-deserved vacation. You would love to travel more often, but your job doesn’t really make it possible.

However, a lot of jobs today offer abroad positions or positions that at some point have to work overseas. There are also growing companies that at some point succeed in new markets and have to send their employees to new countries in order to better understand the market. Therefore, depending on your field of work, you might find yourself becoming a candidate for work outside of your hometown.

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While there are multiple benefits of traveling you are already aware of, we are going to talk today about how working abroad can improve your career.

Working Abroad Can Boost Your Salary

According to a new study conducted on a number of people from 18 to 34-year-olds, working abroad has positive effects on our salary. The research revealed that millennials and Gen Z employees are the ones to feel the biggest benefits of having lived and worked abroad. After analyzing the feedback of 18,000 expats working in 163 different markets, the stats showed that for an average 18 to 34-year-old that has lived abroad previously had the rise of 35% in their salary, after being relocated overseas.

On the other hand, older employees saw a smaller rise in salary compared to their millennial and gen z colleagues. For those aged between 35 and 54, salaries increased by 24%, while for those aged 55 and over, their income increased for only 9%.

Whatever the percentage is, what usually happens according to this research is that working in another country likely leads to faster promotion.

Working Abroad Makes You More Confident

What’s interesting is that younger workers were also more enthusiastic about their moving overseas. The same survey of 18,000 expats showed that 77% of them all stated that they learned new skills abroad, while more than half of them felt more confident after coming back from a foreign country.

It looks like new experiences abroad shape your personality in such a way that you feel more prepared for unpredictability and help you handle stressful situations with more ease and wit.

It Broadens Your Skills Set

Most employee’s that have worked abroad have shown higher problem-solving capabilities as well as easier adaptability to change and new challenges. This must be the result of the employee’s personal experience in a foreign country.

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The fact that you could learn a new language, get to know a new culture and then adapt yourself to new circumstances as much as possible, makes traveling a never-ending source of new ideas and improvement. The confrontation of different cultures, a different point of view, new business etiquette and so on, helps you look at things outside of the box which generates better ideas and more alternative solutions.

Traveling (and working abroad) activates your brain and makes you curious to learn more and understand more things about places, people, the environment that surround you. Curiosity always leads to more creativity, which basically means that it is quite more likely that you will be more inspired for work if you just came back from working abroad in Europe, than if you stayed at the same place for the same amount of time.

Another thing you should consider is the opportunity to learn a new language. If you’re staying for a longer period of time in a foreign country, then you will probably have the ideal chance to learn a new language. The process of memorizing a language, and getting to meet its phrases, logic and common words, creates a completely unique way of thinking in a learner’s brain.

If you speak fluently two or more languages, you might have noticed that your personality slightly changes with the language you speak. Similarly, each language brings something entirely new to your personality which will make you a more open-minded person, which is a crucial trait in great workers. Whenever you have the ability to “think outside of the box”, and challenge traditional ways of thinking with new ideas and solutions, your team will have a great benefit from you.

Needless to say, employers always look more closely to your international experience, because they are aware that it can bring a great variety in your team

Networking – Becoming Global Leaders

Being able to travel, work abroad, adapt to new countries, cultures and business etiquette, means you are a great, smart individual that can benefit the company on a bigger scale. As you can imagine, having individuals that are globally connected, is of tremendous value for every corporation and international company. So, your capacity to adapt to a new business will bring benefits to your company, but it will also bring a lot of great things to you too.

For instance, by working abroad you will be able to expand your personal and professional network. Although there are platforms such as LinkedIn where you can connect with people from all around the world, meeting them in person offers you a chance to leave a great impression and build strong relationships that could lead to amazing business deals or great friendships in future.

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