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The World’s Richest Royals And How They Got Their Wealth

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Having a personal chef, a private driver, and someone who keeps your schedule up to date and helps you with everything must be handy, right? On top of that, if you have a full country of people to rule and global respect, life must be good. That’s how the average royal family spends each day of the year.

Did you know that not all royal families are identically wealthy? Some are richer than others. Some love extravagant travels, others have hundreds of homes, while some are even in the oil business – however, only the richest survived the cut. Here is the list of the world’s richest royals.

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30. Ghana Royal Family – $19 Million

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is the 5th richest King in Africa. He spends his youth in the United Kingdom, studying. This soon-to-be-king spent years working for charity organizations across the United Kingdom and Canada. However, in now far 1989, he decided to return to Ghana. Immediately, he was named the head of the Transpomech Ghana, a $12 million company providing mining services and mining equipment to various industrial companies in Africa.

So far, the Ashanti kingdom is known as one of the richest when it comes to culture, history, and natural resources. Asantehene’s wealth is $10 million, but as a royal family, their net worth is estimated to be around $19 million.

29. Dutch Royal Family – $300 Million

The Royal Dutch family is strongly focused on business. They have strong shares in the Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, and they have a personal fortune of around $200 million.

This family of five, the royal couple have three daughters, lives comfortably in their royal palace located in Amsterdam. However, there is a little secret about their fabulous lifestyle.

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28. Their Budget Is Only $60 Million

It’s reported that the Dutch Royal family has a modest budget of only $60 million. However, it seems that they are spending far more than only $60 million.

Maintaining the royal palace costs $10 million, while 40$ million goes to security of the palace and personal protection, while the rest of $10 million goes on housing at embassies during trips. With only these expenses, their stated budget is over the limit. So, how do they live?

27. They Have A Small Real Estate Empire

The Royal family owns three royal palaces. Every palace was handed down to them by family. Moreover, each palace comes with a unique purpose.

The palace in Amsterdam is used for official functions and entertainment. The second one, named the Noordeinde Palace, is the King’s office. The third one, called Huis ten Bosch, is home to former Queen Beatrix and the King’s family.

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26. Monaco Royal Family – $1 Billion

The Monaco Royal Family had massive luck when it comes to finances. This family started earning money a hundred years ago. Usually, tradition is tradition, and they continue to build their wealth.

This family is also known as the House of Grimaldi. Prince Albert owns real estate in Monaco and France, holdings in the Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco, he is the Vice-Chairman of the American charity, and he started a foundation to help support ethical and sustainable projects globally. Did you know that a curse was placed on this family?

25. To Never Find True Happiness In Marriage

The rumor has it that in the far 13th century, Prince Rainer kidnapped and raped a young woman. According to the tale, she was released, and she vowed to get revenge on the Prince and his family – for all of the time.

So, she became a witch and put a curse on the royal family. Moreover, she put a curse on the family for generations to come. The curse was direct and straightforward – “Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.” Regardless of if you believe in these powers or not one, is for sure – the Grimaldi family has experienced many tragedies of spouses, including sudden death, leaving, getting sick, or cheating. Even famous princess and actor Grace Kelly died after a car accident.

24. Bahrain Royal Family – $4 Billion

The famous House of Khalifa is maybe better known as the royal family of Bahrain. They have been ruling the country since 1766, and nowadays the King Hamad bin Isa is best friend with both Queen Elizabeth and Kim Kardashian.

Bahrain made a boom in 1932 when they discovered massive oil reserves. The royal family became richer in one night. The wealth of the family is now estimated at $4 billion, but many believe that they are not honest about their real wealth.

23. The Secret Cash Money

Many believe that the royal family failed to mention their real estate in those $4 billion. Moreover, it has been speculated that they have more than $900 million in cash. So, what do they do with that money lying around?

They have not one, but two yachts. One of the yachts is considered to be the largest one in the world. The King’s yacht is 223 feet long and custom built-in Italy, in 1991. The other yacht was given to the royal family as a gift. Still, many claim that the royal family doesn’t deserve its wealth, and that they stole a quarter of the nation’s wealth.

22. Liechtenstein Royal Family – $12 Billion

Prince Hans-Adam II is one of the world’s 500 richest people alive, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The Prince is also the wealthies individual royal in Europe.

As you may guess, as a monarch, he doesn’t have to pay taxes, he receives an enormous salary, and the majority of his wealth comes from the family’s private bank. He owns much more than just a huge bank account.

21. He Owns An Art Museum

How many times have you heard about royals so passionate about art that they have their art museums? Prince Hans-Adam II inherited a massive fortune that included various renaissance masterpieces that were hidden during World War II.

So, once he received them, Adam ensured that they would be visible to the whole world. He stated many times that he couldn’t be happier that he can share his family collection with the world.

20. Dubai Royal Family – $19 Billion

Dubai’s Royal family has ruled Dubai for almost two centuries. During their reign, the House of Maktoum did a lot, including building the gigantic city in the desert. Also, during those two centuries, their wealth continued to grow. So far, they have $19 billion on their account.

The richest family member is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Just his wealth is estimated to $18 billion. He is Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. In 2010, he made a public promise that the UAE will be one of the best countries in the world by 2021.

19. Major Shares Wealth

The Sheik’s wealth comes mostly from his massive share in Dubai Holding and his connection with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Moreover, he is known for his generous charitable donations. Furthermore, he is always supportive of creating more sustainable solutions in Arabic countries.

Rashid Al Maktoum is also considered to be the unofficial ambassador for Dubai. During his studies in the United Kingdom, Rashid had a vision of a perfect society and it’s surrounding, and he has been working on it ever since.

18. Morocco Royal Family – $20 Billion

King Mohammed VI is the current King of Morocco, and so far, he is one of the most intriguing royal family members ever. He broke many Moroccan traditions. He had a more modern vision for Morocco, and it seems that he rules together with his wife.

Princess Lalla Salma began the Lalla Salma Foundation to raise money for various charity projects. Although the royal couple seems perfectly happy, they divorced in 2018. She is paid an enormous amount of money today to stay quiet about her marriage with the King and to stay away from the public eye.

17. More Modern Morocco

King Mohammed VI is famous for its modern approaches and policies that made Morocco more open for foreigners and see once again on the world map. He implemented women’s rights, increased the country’s job market, and lowered the general poverty.

However, the King spends an enormous amount of money every month, up to $4.6 million. That money goes on employee wages, car repairs, and $86K went on animal feed and care.

16. Brunei Royal Family – $30 Billion

Some know about Brunei as a country with fantastic nature and clean air and its rivers. However, others know about Brunei that forbids alcohol and nightlife, while others never heard about the country, but they know about the famous Brunei royal family. Brunei is a small country with only 415,000 citizens, and it’s ranked as the fifth richest in the world.

The royal family is infamous for its spending habits. For example, Prince Jefri, who is the Sultan’s brother, lives in a palace of 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, five swimming pools, a mosque, a 5,000 person banquet hall, and a 110-car garage. He even had a unique yacht where he hosted harams.

15. They Have 9,000 Cars

Brunei royal family is such knowns for its lavish lifestyle that the world’s largest magazines had to do their research and provide the ultimate list of their fortune.

So far, its knowledge that the royal family has its private zoo, ten luxury watches of the total sum of $8million, 150 homes in 12 different countries, 9.000 cars, countless Versace and Armani custom suits, minimum 17 airplanes, and even custom Boeing 747 and an Airbus 340-200. Shockingly, that’s not everything. There is more.

14. Brunei Royal Family Rich List

The Brunei royal family surprises the world every day with their lavish life and extravagant desires. That being said, they have a gold-plated toilet bowl brushes, a Cadillac-shaped sofa, 16k tons of marble, a professional film-developing lab, and a private golf course.

So far, they are not interested in investing in something that the entire humankind could benefit from.

13. Thai Royal Family – $60 Billion

The late Thai King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the main reason for this family’s popularity. He is the one responsible for acquired a fortune of $30B in the Crown Property Bureau. When he died, King King Vajiralongkorn took over and inherited all the wealth.

An interesting thing here is that no one knows for sure from where this money came from. Experts claim that that money comes from foreign investments, real estate, and banks. Moreover, the Crown Property Bureau holds 40,00 rental contracts in the most popular areas in the country, funding the family’s lavish lifestyle.

12.Thai’s Power And Prestige

Legislation from 1948 states that “all revenue may be disbursed only by the king,” so when you consider this, it’s easy to understand from where their wealth comes from. This was a smart move to reclaim control over the monarchy’s prestige and power. Since many questions the source of the family’s wealth, in recent years, the royal family started working on their public image.

So, they are investing in social development projects and insist on social responsibility. This improved their image, but the source of their wealth remains the mystery.

11. British Royal Family – $88 Billion

The British royal family is probably the most famous royal family globally, as well as one of the most beloved ones. They are so renowned that each family member has her or his net worth. For example, the Queen’s worth is $530 million, Meghan Markle $5 million, and so on. Plus, they hold personal items such as clothes, jewelry, art collections, and so on. How do they get their money?

A big part of their income is from a trust called the Crown Estate, which gives the Queen 25% of all the revenue gained from tourism and citizen taxes. Of course, they don’t have to pay taxes. Did you know that they save money?

10. They Save Money Whenever Possible

Yes, they are one of the wealthiest families in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about their future. So, they love to save money and cut expenses when possible.

They always choose to fly commercial, reduce palace costs, and cut energy costs whenever possible. The family Palace Chef discovered that they are crazy about Tupperware and don’t like food waste.

9. Abu Dhabi Royal Family – $150 Billion

Abu Dhabi Royal Family, also known as The House of Nahyan, has ruled Abu Dhabi since 1793. This famous house consists of 200 male members, while the number of females is unknown.

Their money comes from their il reserves, specifically from the 1970’s oil boom. They have so much that Sheikh’s wife can afford to have her hairstylist that can fly with her whenever possible.

8. Qatar Royal Family – $335 Billion

Qatar’s Royal family is also called the House of Thani, and this famous family has ruled for the last two centuries. The current ruler is Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the youngest sovereign in the world. Qatar’s royal family counts approximately between 7,000-8,000 people.

They are mostly known for holding shares in Volkswagen, Tiffany & Co, New York Empire State Building, numerous assets in the UK, including the Olympic village. However, their real power lies in this asset.

7. The Third Largest Oil Reserve

Qatar has enormous oil reserves, around 34 trillion cubic meters. Trust us, that’s a lot. Moreover, they have 25 billion barrels of oil left in their grounds. So, thanks to these sources, Qatar will continue to grow and make passive income for decades to come.

Even if this fails, they are so strong in other industrial areas that they will be back on their feet in no time.

6. Kuwait Royal Family – $360 Billion

The famous Al-Sabah family or the royal family of Kuwait is, at the time, the second most affluent royal family in the world. This family has around 1,000 members. They have accumulated their wealth thanks to their US stocks and shares, which have been strategically bought during the 1980s by the best financiers in the world.

Since the ’90s, these stocks quadrupled, making them one of the richest family’s in the world. Just recently, they have completed a new palace for the family of six members.

5. The Royal Lady

The Lady of Kuwait is very active when it comes to social life. She is known for her lavish parties and unique atmosphere. Many claim that these parties are also an excellent tool for gathering information from Washington.

She is also seen as a Kuwait ambassador and a very influential figure in this small country. She is also a businesswoman and an ambassador.

4. Saudi Royal Family – $1.7 Trillion

The ruling family of Saudi Arabia, otherwise known as the House of Saud, has been ruling the Saudi kingdom for almost two centuries. Their land is rich in oil, petroleum, and numerous natural resources. Next to those resources, they are great at doing business and making the right investment.

The family itself is quite large. Just King Salman has 13 children, and even his family members have their own large families. Usually, they have substantial assets.

3. Private Jets And Giant Yachts

The Saudi Prince owns a private jet that started as a symbolic price of $300 million. The famous Prince spends another $1450 million to decorate airplanes based on his standards.

Now, it can hold around 100 people aboard. Next, the Saudi King owns a 139-foot long yacht with guest cabins, office, lounge, 37 crew cabins, and even a hospital. And there is more.

2. Properties And Palaces

Prince Al Waleed owns an enormous palace that is 43,055,641.67 square feet. This is equal to 783 White Houses, and that’s just in its floor plan. The Kingdom resort contains three lakes and Garden of Eden-like gardens.

Then, there is the famous Promotion Palace, named as such because it is the most publicized. The famous prince lives in a palace with his two wives.

1. Golden Cars And… Cheetahs?

It seems that when people have millions on their account, they tend to do crazy things. Moreover, they tend to buy everything, including exotic animals. One of the most shocking news related to the royal families was the fact that one of the Saudi prices has been posting photos of his many assets, including a real-life cheetah.

Millionaires, and especially billionaires, have a special love toward the exotic animals. As if showing your wealth with luxurious cars, mansions and jewelry are not enough, having a wild animal is mandatory. Taking care of cheetahs is easy, so they tend to be the most popular wild animals to domesticate. Some choose to buy monkeys, tigers, birds, jaguars, or even lions. One prince flew 80 falcons across the world in a private jet.

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