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These Are The 30 Worst Airports In The States That You Should Avoid

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Let’s face it – the United States is enormous. Living on the East Coast and having friends, family, job, or lovers on the West Coast can be time-consuming, expensive, and can cost you your nerves. Travelling often means that you have to fly, and with so many flights from East to the West coast, it shouldn’t be a problem getting from point A to point B.

However, if you are traveling with frightful airplanes, malicious staff, or troublesome passengers, the dream destination can quickly turn to horror. If someone knows how airports can be frustrating, Americans do. Therefore, a vast survey was just launched to rate American airports. Buckle up and prepare for the worst airports in the States.

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30. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is Cleveland’s main airport. This great airport features a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gift shop, and a restaurant with a famous chef, Michael Symon.

However, not even the former TV chef could stop the complaints about cramped and long overdue. Many complain that this airport is boring, while others claim that the baggage area is stuck in the 1980s.

29. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Airline transport is not something that Atlanta can list as one of its strengths. Atlanta’s airport has held the title of the world’s busiest airport for more than twenty years. This is genuinely a large airport with almost 200 gates and around 63,000 employees.

Just in 2018, around 107 million passengers went through its gate. Sadly, many of them were unhappy. Many wrote that the airport is too big and too busy. Connections can be hard, customs can hold international passengers for hours, and restaurants often run out on food.

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28. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Houston’s biggest airport is located only 20 miles from downtown, and named after President George H.W. This airport is so busy that people often feel overwhelming. The airport has both a subway and an elevated people mover actually to carry passengers between terminals.

However, not even that is enough to get people on time for connecting flights. Many claims that signs are unclear, and you can easily get lost. If nothing, bars and restaurants are available on every step.

27. William P. Hobby Airport (Houston)

William P. Hobby Airport is Houston’s smallest airport. In recent years, it has been in the spotlight. This airport experienced a toy grenade that caused a real bomb scare and an impromptu dance performance that went viral.

Despite the exciting shenanigans, Hobby Airport is notoriously known for hundreds of flight cancellations due to various mechanical problems, dirty bathrooms, kind of functioning power outlets, poor customer service, and daily shut-offs.

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26. Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City will open a new airport in 2020, and people couldn’t be happier. Until then, travelers will have to use the city’s old and claustrophobic airport. Some claim that this airport is a pure nightmare. In 1960 first Terminal was done in the late 1970’s Terminal 2, and the most recent update happened in the ’80s.

This airport is small, and in reality, it just couldn’t keep up with travelers’ needs or demanding and growing air traffic. Many complain about filthy facilities, unreliable Wi-Fi, and limited lounges that are always crowded.

25. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

In 2018, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was named among the best airports in the States. However, travelers disagree. On their experience, this airport if confusing, difficult to move, and has exceptionally long security lines.

Some claim that they are feeling like cattle to a meat factory. For some reason, the Minneapolis airport is short of men’s toilets.

24. San Jose International Airport

San Jose International Airport has a great location since it’s near Silicon Valley. Moreover, the airport has direct flights to major cities. Sadly, according to passengers, the airport ain’t using its full potential. For a start, the building is the miles-long hallway.

Every time, passengers have to drag their bags and squeeze through the crowd whenever several flights arrive at the same time. Baggage claim is at one end, while car rental counters are at the other. Signs are confusing, so everything is hectic. Since it has such a long hallway, the airport is not suitable for elders or for anyone you can’t bear walking long distances.

23. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Sky Harbor airport has been praised many times in the past. People loved its flights on time, nursing rooms, passion for the environment, and animal-relief areas. With time, Sky Harbor started growing in terms of facilities, and some areas have been permanently neglected.

Terminals 2 and 3 are broken-down, nothing is open before 9 P.M., broken seats are everywhere, no Wi-Fi, and bathrooms are tiny. Some people even compared it with the zoo.

22. Chicago Midway International Airport

Chicago’s Midway airport has been under renovation since 2018 – and, apparently, something went crazy. More gates only guide to bigger crowds and more squeezing in uncomfortable seating, and horrible security lines.

Well-known and popular food options are replaced with inadequate food, low-quality chains with underquote customer service. Many claim that if you want to try Chicago’s worst pizza, you should go to this airport because they only serve that kind of pizza.

21. San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport has been open for passengers since 1954. Significant renovations delivered airport library and aviation museum.

Still, the airport was missing on restaurants, charging stations, and cramped conditions. According to many, the airport itself is too jammed.

20. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is busy. Actually, it’s so busy that it was named the world’s seventh busiest in terms of air traffic. Surprisingly, the airport isn’t equipped to deal with this massive traffic on land.

At the moment, the airport is building concourse B, and it will be open in 2020. Until then, passengers will complain about crowds, dirt, and lack of a seat.

19. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Visually, this airport is one of the most interesting in terms of design. First opened in 1941, this airport was renovated in 1997 to reflect earlier styles. From the architectural side, the airport is excellent.

However, people mind that the airport is not easily wheelchair accessible. Those in wheelchairs are taken through hidden elevators, located in some private corridors to a bus.

18. Baltimore Washington International

BWI is a newer airport in the D.C. area, and at first, people loved it. However, since its opening, the airport expanded, and now it’s a mess, according to passengers. Everything is far, so dragging luggage takes forever, car traffic is horrible, and rental cars are 20 minutes away.

Other claims that the airport has dirty bathrooms and rude airport employees. So, why people still go to BWI? It’s cheaper for $80 to $120 than the other two airports in the region.

17. Kahului Airport (Maui, Hawaii)

Firstly, this airport is tiny. Built-in the 1970s on an island, it comes with no air conditioning. Passengers would even shut their eye off that fact, it there wasn’t for confusing signage, long lines, and various bottlenecks.

Interestingly, Wi-Fi can be used only if you pay for it, and if you can find it.

16. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle’s smallest airport has awesome rocking chairs. Not even this nice touch couldn’t help bad reviews from travelers. People complain about poor customer service, a low number of seats, and general confusion.

Moreover, if you are hungry, you are out of luck. The airport closes its door after 10 P.M.

15. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

On a good day, this airport is ok. You can choose from various restaurants, stores with numerous gums and magazines. Moreover, it’s connected to downtown St. Louis by light rail.

Still, this small airport simply can’t bear so many people, neither can their security lines. So, everything is slow, and you should take an extra hour onto the pre-boarding time.

14. New York John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airports in New York City as close to hell as possible, according to passengers. LFK is a large airport that handles hundreds of thousands of arriving and departing flights every year.

However, 1 in 5 flights is delayed. Since on a yearly level, around 59 million passengers use this airport every year, slow processes are expected. You need to be at the airport hours before your flight. You will require hours just to get to your boarding area.

13. Washington Dulles International Airport

The trip into D.C. from distant Dulles can be difficult. You can use several options, such as bus-and-subway ride, taxi, Uber, or to have a long drive. These are the options until the Washington Metro Silver Line subway extension is completed.

Like other airports on this long list, Dulles, with time, outgrew its original space. With expansion came the mess. Nowadays, getting around the airport can be even more difficult with scary mobile lounges.

12. Miami International Airport

Miami is a popular city. Therefore, an already significant number of visitors is growing each year. What makes Miami’s airport is hectic is the fact that the city is located near the Caribbean.

So, many will use Miami airport for connected flights. Travelers complain about large crowds, delayed flights, and long lines.

11. Oakland International Airport

Dirty bathrooms, gates with trash, lack of charging stations… This airport has it all if you want to ruin someone’s airport experience. Passengers also complain about delayed flights, limited and poor dining options, and furious customer service?

No wonder that no one is happy here. So, the best thing for passengers from this airport? When they get out of there quickly.

10. Boston Logan International Airport

Tourists love Boston, but travelers are not fond of Boston airport. Just in 2018, 23% of arrivals and 21% of departures were delayed. There is also a massive gap in restaurant and cafe offers.

Baggage check takes long wait time, agents are slow, and some say that the place is just ugly. Some passengers even shared that interior is so dreary that it reminisces of the post-WWII Soviet era.

9. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

This active South Florida airport makes people extra nervous with delayed flights, and long wait times. This airport also gets massive traffic from travelers going on cruises – when the times comes for them to go home, there aren’t enough seats.

Travelers also complain about expensive shops, restaurants, and dirty restrooms. In addition, long walks between the two terminals are not helping.

8. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

This airport is small, and that’s the biggest deal-breaker. The airport simply can’t handle too much traffic. As a result, flights are delayed, bathrooms are small, and the entire offer of food and entertainment is limited.

Phone chargers don’t fit today’s phones, and the entire airport outdated. Travelers also complain about overall dirtiness. However, they believe that a little modernization could do wonders with this place.

7. Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu)

Hawaii is all about tourism. Since its economy depends on tourism, it comes as a big surprise that airports are not build to address that huge amount of people every year.

Travelers complain that this airport is so complicated that they can barely find their gate. Therefore, many miss their flights. Locals recommend arriving very early because sings are just making additional confusion.

6. Philadelphia International Airport

This airport is notorious for its disorganization, awful customer service, and lack of cleanliness. Many complain about not working escalators and lack of professional agents or, in general, someone to discuss flight changes.

Plus, flights are often delayed. Luckily, the airlines agreed to invest $900 million into improvements over 15 years.

5. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

According to frequent travelers, if you are on a strict schedule, you should avoid this airport. Layovers are simply too long. International travelers must board a train to cross the airport.

In addition, they will deal with unhappy and additional security lines. These lines can take up to four hours.

4. Los Angeles International Airport

No one can escape L.A. traffic. Not even in the sky. Simply, there is no escaping L.A. traffic. Here, you will experience long lines and baggage claim. You can literally wait for your baggage at least an hour.

Travelers also see this airport as chaotic and utterly out of control.

3. Kansas City International Airport

How hard can be it be to make a small airport messy? Well, according to travelers – not too difficult. Surprisingly, Kansas City International in Missouri proves it.

Flyers are forced to pay for expensive valet parking places or costly taxis. Bathrooms are also tiny, seats are few, and overall, it remains on an aged and neglected bus station.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport

The best thing about this airport is that it comes with an affordable train ride connection with New York City – and that’s all that’s good about this notorious airport.

Travelers are not happy with poorly laid out, food services, and everyday delays. Almost 30% of arrivals were delayed in 2018. And that’s an improvement.

1. LaGuardia Airport (New York)

The New York area is known for having one of the most complex air traffic in the world. With so many people coming to NY and leaving, no wonder that airports can’t handle the pressure. LaGuardia is no exception.

LaGuardia is cramped, profoundly disorganized, and in massive need of new seats, retail, bathrooms, different service, and restaurants. The good side here is that who survives this airport, will find the NY legendary subway to be a cakewalk.

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